vMenu v3.0.2 - A server-sided menu including (almost) full permissions support



vMenu Permissons.txt (33.4 KB)
I just want to make sure that nothing is wrong with my permissions file, you can view it above.

Edit: It’s executing the permissions.cfg fine but when it executes it, this shows up in console: http://prntscr.com/muafkv


Yes, because that is an ancient server version - definitely not the ‘latest’.

Which is not an allowed server provider - if it were, you’d have administrative access to your game server and you’d be able to actually upgrade your server yourself.


What do you mean by an “allowed server provider”?


zap-hosting.com/fivem for example. That’s the only gsp that’s allowed to sell FiveM servers.


@Vespura getting this error, I have the file in my main directory etc, What am i doing wrong?

Perm.cfg: permissions.cfg (26.2 KB)


Are you executing it at all? Also can’t download files on my phone, need a pastebin link.


Whoops, I earlier reverted to an older commit and my server.cfg didnt have the executing command in it… My stupid fault, Thanks for that <3


So when I start the menu this is what I get the imgur link will show the error and the pastbin will show both configs not sure I may just be bind but can find what it is.

Pic of error

Both the server.cfg and the permissions.cfg


Don’t start vMenu before executing the permissions


@Vespura I noticed where you said a script conflict could be causing God Mode not to work. Man I have looked and disabled a bunch of different scripts and cannot find a conflict. Do you have any idea what script may cause it? Thanks


image any idea why this not working any idea ?


why what?? just move the hud.


the peds cant use the addon peds thing
is locked


Those peds can’t be found on the server, that’s why.


i have them on start and on the list for the addon peds


i fixed it guys ty


Well support is telling me that it is up to date, is it possible that I need an addon or something since the setr command doesn’t work?


No you need an updated server version. Which because your host is an unauthorized gsp, probably isn’t possible. Switch to zap or get a vps/dedicated server. Your current server does not support vMenu because the server is outdated, there is literally nothing that can be done about it. Especially if the support team lies about updated versions.

Nope, could literally be any script that affects invincibility, even client side mods if those are enabled.


Possible to make unlimited ammo always on?


hello i am currently on united Kingdom DOJ and my vMenu doesnt come up when i click the button to Open which is F1 on the server any help please?