vMenu v3.0.2 - A server-sided menu including (almost) full permissions support



“No such command version.” Give me a second to find it.


Is there any other way to find it ? Because I can’t seem to locate it


is there a way to enable player blips by default for everyone?


What do you mean? I played on a server that had the ability to make the player’s character (MP Ped Male and Female) change facial expressions.


In that case you’re using an ancient version, probably older than 6 months. Update to the latest version.

Nope, players will have to enable it and then hit save preferences.

Yeah? This is also possible in vMenu… it’s in the mp characters menu. (Edit a saved mp ped).


Yes but since we’re an RP server, most people are not able to use that, they use esx_clotheshop. I am asking if you would possibly add the ability to change facial expressions through the Player Apperance > Ped Customization menu. Is that at all possible? Thing is, that menu still works even if you didn’t create your character using the MP Characters Menu.


Thats a bug then, mp ped characters can only be disabled for the entire server, or enabled for everyone that has the player appearance menu, there’s no way to separately toggle them. I might add facial expressions there, but you won’t be able to use it there if you have access to the mp characters menu.


It’s not a bug.

The menu isn’t disabled, however people don’t use that to create their character, they create it via ESX. We mainly use your menu for switching hats, glasses, putting on bags, etc. Small changes. Nothing is saved, once the player logs back in all changes made with your menu are gone.

I’m just asking for the ability for us to not only do all those things, but also change our facial expressions too. Obviously every time we relog we would need to select the facial expression again, but that is fine.


I can see your use case, but I’m more worried about other people reporting bugs that “it doesn’t save”. Anytime they change it in the player appearance menu because they don’t read descriptions. So yeah I’ll probably add it whenever I’ve got time, but there won’t be any persistence whatsoever.


What do I need to do to make vMenu work with esx_voice?


I don’t provide support for esx/vrp resources.
It’s documented on the docs how to manage the voice chat menu.


Wow, i did not expect this either. If this option gets into release, could you add the ability to add own list of badges to vMenu?


No that’s currently not possible, as that would cause conflicts with other servers using vMenu. Or previously saved peds if the list is changed later on.


I appreciate that. It may be a small thing for you, but for an RP server, this type of thing is god sent. There is literally no other script available that does facial expressions that I can find.


Hey! Amazing mod to start! The only issue I have run across is that when we set specific weapons for groups, itll show up and everything by the option to equip/remove weapon is locked? any thoughts or ideas on how I can fix that?


Vespura I just contacted support for my game host, my server is running the latest version.


What ‘game host’ may this be?


It is iceline hosting.


No it’s not. It’s definitely using an ancient version. Evidenced by the “no such command version” which was added a long time ago.


that’s because you don’t have the vMenu.WeaponOptions.Spawn permission.