vMenu v3.0.2 - A server-sided menu including (almost) full permissions support



I am an admin in vmenu and the weather is setup for moderators. Also I know it’s reading the permissions because players don’t have access to stuff that I removed.


Send your permissions file because it sounds like you did make a mistake somewhere.




Uhm, what’s this on line 24?

setr vMenu.Everything true

other than that, besides the file being very messy and all over the place, I can’t spot any issues quickly looking through it. Are you sure you’re actually using the right steam ID and that steam is actually running and the identifier is being detected by the game?


You must be in drivers seat to Save the vehicle. This should to prevent copying cars.


Hey Vespura, some people are reporting that they cannot open the menu in my server. They have not messed with the keybinds nor any client sided mods installed. Everyone else says its working, but its been the same specific person that says it doesn’t work, then today another person told me its not working. I’d have to assume this is a client sided problem?


The most likely reason is the recently updated LSPD:FR mod that uses a different version of the “Newtonsoft.Json.dll”. Tell your players to download vMenu’s and put it in their GTA V installation folder if they want to play FiveM (and always have a backup of the other file!).


Why is everyone so “anti copying cars” what’s the deal with that even? People can just mod their vehicles to match yours anyway. There’s literally no point in restricting this at all.

Ask them to send client logs. (CitizenFX.log file in their FiveM folder after they’ve tried to use the menu in their last game session)


One of my friends is not able to open up the menu or no-clip menu but I am, Could someone help?


did they install lspdfr?


No put they did install gun sounds and siren sounds




Send your permission.cfg and I can try to help while vespura is busy.


Need HELP cant use V menu on any server but others can


i installed lspdfr and v menu stopped working


Other than admin permissions, nothing else has been changed in the permissions; everything is default basically. But as for the LSPDFR update, I will inform my players, and I will request logs from them.


WARNING :warning:

LSPDFR fucks with any FiveM resource that uses Newtonsoft.Json.dll.


  • you can’t use vMenu in any server if you have lspdfr installed


  • report the bug to lspdfr devs
  • take vMenu’s Newtonsoft.Json.dll from the vMenu download, and put it inside your gta v installation folder
  • uninstall lspdfr completely

So when I play fivem, vmenu wont work
My vmenu is not working and i tried everything
My vmenu is not working and i tried everything

im getting a hitch warning when i use vMenu that causes people to lag out of the server. Any fix


Will it be possible to change the logo of the t-shirt for MP characters?


No fix because no info or repro.

What do you mean?