vMenu v3.0.2 - A server-sided menu including (almost) full permissions support



i have try every menu possible… from mellotrainer… to … vMenu…
vMenu is the best…

but vMenu is the only one that i struglle about godmode… whatever i do godmod doesnt work.
godmode.is set and ahould work.

cant figure it out.


Do you have a resource that forces godmode disabled?


Can’t do anything about that @boom_gotcha vMenu needs a specific version of newtonsoft.json.dll, it’s impossible without it.


so my moderators can use kill in the menu on me (owner) is there a way to prevent groups from using kill on a higher ranked group instead of removing the option completly?


if so… all trainer god mode before would.not work.
lets say i stop vMenu and start mellotrainer…
god Mod is working…
Same for other trainer available.
But vMenu godmod doesnt pass.
If i have a anti god script why would all other trainer godmode work but vMenu wont!


That’s called community management and removing abusive staff members from your community.
So no, there’s no way to prevent that kill option from being used on higher ranked players. Only kick and ban because those are critical.

Because they may use a different method for setting godmode? vMenu doesn’t use every single possible way to make someone invincible, there are plenty of methods to do so, vMenu uses one of them. If that one that vMenu uses is being force-disabled by another resource, then that will cancel out vMenu. If the other trainers use another method, then those won’t be affected. vMenu’s god mode works perfectly fine on any server I’ve ever tried it on. You’re the only one experiencing this, so that’s why I’m suspecting another resource that overrides vMenu’s god mode feature.


ok. another thing where could i remove normal gta cars from the vehicle spawn menu?


You can’t.


i was told something about removing it in source code or something not sure tho


That’s not supported. You can use permissions to block out categories, that’s the only supported option.


Hey I love vmenu but 2 days ago it didn’t work but it worked for everyone else, I’ve reinstalled GTA, fivem and I cant get it to work, when I press the keybind f1 nothing happens but the day before it worked?


For some reason, several colleagues on my team can open and use vMenu, but I do not. My steam hex is already in the permissions, I already cleared the cache, but for some reason it does not work.


Did any of you install some new LSPDFR update?
If so, that breaks any C# resource on FiveM that also uses Newtonsoft.Json.dll.


thank you so much vespura keep up the amazing work with vmenu :heart:


and yes i did


still happens even after i uninstalled lspdfr, should i uninstall the game?


How can I keep the blips still active ? Thanks :grinning:


Hey I can’t get weather or time menu to show up. I have them enabled but it still doesn’t show up.


Take the Newtonsoft.Json.dll file from the vMenu download, and put that in your GTA V installation folder. Should fix the issue.


You probably don’t have permissions for it or the permissions.cfg isn’t being executed/you’ve set vMenu up to ignore permissions intentionally.