vMenu v3.0.2 - A server-sided menu including (almost) full permissions support



This would work for me since in my use case only staff will have access. I don’t know about the builtin.everyone though.

menu access = ON
all = OFF
god = OFF
all the rest = ON


I am getting this in my server console. I have confirmed the permission.cfg has been executed by the line shown at the top. As also shown; The console states there is no command “setr”
Unless I missed something in the install then I am not sure what to do here.



Note: I am using vMenu 2.2.2 and I am using the most up to date server build.


So you want to be able to trigger a notification from another resource, and only allow players that can use vMenu to see it? well simply make your own resource check for the vMenu.Staff ace before sending the notification. This is not really vMenu related.

Quote from this section on the vMenu documentation site:

Basically you ignored the fact that you also need to remove the .All permission, like clearly mentioned on the docs.

So remove the .All permission and manually grant al the other options.

Your server is outdated (at least a 5 months old version, which doesn’t support core vMenu features). By having such an old version you’re also using a version that has some critical security bugs, which were fixed a couple of weeks ago. I recommend you just keep your server up to date and download the latest version.

Nope you’re not. No such command setr. that was implemented on Oct 5, 2018. So you must be using a version prior to that.


This is my build


From how it looks, it looks like it was released today.


Show the output of the version command in the server console.

Also, just tested that build and nope you’re not using it because it works fine with that. So it’s literally impossible that you’re using the latest version, or any recent version for that matter.


so i have a issue, when i have more than 1 custom map the vmenu goes invisible i can still use it just not see it i have no idea what the issue could be? ive spendt 4+ hours now trying to figure this out


Only way to solve this is to remove any broken maps. There are some broken maps out there that will fuck this up. I can’t tell you which ones are broken or what it is that makes them broken, but there is something wrong with those maps when this happens.


i love this i hope that you ever add a admin controler


Admin controller? What would that imply?


for banning / kicking people and that you can set a time for how long you can stop and start your recourses, teleports and spectate and things like that would be useful because it’s a really great menu


You know when you ban/kick someone with the menu and in chat it says who u banned/kicked and the reason publicly in chat how would i stop that


That’s not done by vMenu, that’s just the “reason” why someone disconnected. Remove that from the chat resource.


i dunno how to find it tho i know where the chat resource is but i dunno what to remove


so ive had a map dev look at the maps and they are infact not broken but weird thing is if i have ls and custom maps, it works. but its like if i remove los santos vmenu goes invisible so idk what to do? its like the vmenu need los santos to view its self im not sure tho idk alot about this im pretty new to server stuff on fivem


well then in fact that map “dev” is wrong. vMenu doesn’t just “go invisible” on it’s own, clearly if you use that map with “los santos gone” then it fucks up resources that draw stuff on screen. So it must be that map (or the part that removes los santos) that’s broken/fucking things up.


well i guess it is the thing that removes los santos then since the exact same map is on a drift server with vmenu working so idk


thx for your share
realy nice menu


i found a bug :slight_smile: with the new LSPDFR 0.4 update. if its installed vMenu will not work for some reason. i went thru my entire fivem and even reinstalled it and nothing, as soon as i removed LSPDFR 0.4 vMenu worked again