vMenu v3.0.2 - A server-sided menu including (almost) full permissions support



Change the weather… because… i want to… or because sometimes it was needed… also no on vsync or other weather script.


There is a delay for a reason. By default changes only last 15 seconds (in v2.2.2), but you can only change it once every 30 seconds to prevent ‘potential issues’. However the issues you’ve described are most likely not caused by vMenu, as there’s literally no way for the code to end up in such “change” loop or whatever.


I’ll be a little more clear. I’m not literally don’t immediate back to back changes. But change dynamic weather in the menu and then maybe doing a change or 2 over a half an hour time, recently had led to all the weather options being locked and then it changing roughly every 30 seconds to the next one. If I can record it tonight I will and then I’ll post the video


it happens server side, the hitches can go up to 900 milliseconds but generally stay around 300


anyone know how i can remove vehicle dimensions i cant find it anywhere on the permisions


You can’t. It’s a harmless debug feature for your own vehicle only.

Yeah a video would be nice because I don’t really get how it could be changing on it’s own… To me it sounds like someone’s just trying to be funny; are you sure there’s not another person that has access to the weather options that’s just messing with you?

constantly? (multiple times every minute) or only on server launch?


ty @Vespura


To be more specific, this option will be replaced in the next update with some more advanced model dimension debugging options, which will in fact have some way for the server owner to limit it’s usage/the affected range. in case people would want to abuse this for seeing where nearby peds/vehicles/props are.


Constantly, pretty much everytime someone joins, even when the server is full and people try to join i gives off a hitch


Do you by chance have a bans.json that contains, idk, more than 1k banned players or something like that? vMenu doesn’t cause hitch warnings when players join because it only checks their ban status in the bans.json, which, unless that’s absolutely massive, won’t take long at all.

Alternatively you might have an extremely low-spec server host, which would cause hich warnings for pretty much anything. vMenu is not heavy at all on the server side during normal operation.


Just Use vSync For Weather Instead Of vMenu. :slight_smile:


Why would you though? vMenu has the exact same options that vSync has. Only difference is that there are some improvements and some small features added to vMenu’s weather and time sync compared to vSync.


I Suppose…


definitely the bans, as ive deleted the bans file and now the hitches are gone, thank you!


Hmm, good to know. That means I’ll be forced to disable the “pretty print” output of the file if the bans file gets too big to speed things up. got any idea how many players were banned?


i cant shoot anyone


from what i know was about 700


Not a vMenu issue.

alright thanks :slight_smile:


Quick question, I set vMenu up so only moderators and up can use it. And when someone is killed or died in general a notification pops up. My question is, can I add a notification?

So basicly when I trigger my own notification, only people who have acces vMenu can see that message come up.


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Guys please forgive me if this has been continually addressed, i have read vespura’s documentation many many times and forgive me if this is frustrating to you all, but i simply cannot seem to get this working… for instance i want to remove god mode, and i have followed the instructions but everything contrinually stays the same, the same also goes for weapons when i want to change what a player can have and what they cannot…
Attached jpeg of my perms for these, could someone show me how it should look if for instance i wished to remove the ‘‘get all weapons option’’ and as an example also on the bz gas…
i have changed these many times via instructions but once in game the options are still there…