vMenu v3.0.2 - A server-sided menu including (almost) full permissions support



Similar to this:

Make sure your addons.json isn’t broken and it’s correctly placed inside the /config folder. If you just updated, make sure you replace all vMenu files like you would with any update (this includes the __resource.lua file!)

First of all send the server log, and then your client CitizenFX.log file from the same game session where you tried to use vMenu in-game on your server.


A common overlook in .json is the items listing. Make sure every items has a comma in the end.
Except the last one.


"vehicles": [

A single forgotten comma anywhere in the list and poof, no list at all.
I have more than 120 addons, and I have no problems.


I can confirm problem with addons file (not loading vMenu) and i have correctly placed addons.json and replaced _resource.lua too


default addons.json works just fine, so you must’ve done something wrong. Run it through some json checker like this one.


Also, its working with vMenu 2.1.0

Some cars are disabled (or used as separators)
± 190 cars


and what’s the error you get in-game? please upload your client log and the addons.json to something like pastebin.com so i can take a look.


Vespura i go to invisible and dont work


Yes get me one too.


No errors… i will send it ASAP (can try it right now)


@Vespura The dynamic weather changes how long does it take to change weather with it and can we increase it or have an option to change it in the permission please.


why is not allowed to change the default key.


Ten minutes. And you can indeed change it in the permissions file.
You just had to read a bit.

Dynamic weather timer sets the delay in minutes between dynamic weather changes (default: 10)
setr vmenu_dynamic_weather_timer 10


why is there no info.


Absolutely love vMenu. You keep making it better and better too. Thank you for all your hard work!


Yea, “Addon Vehicles” is locked out for everyone in my server aswell,
‘Addons.json’ files is in the ‘config’ folder,
aswell as in the resource, chunk below.

files {


@Vespura Found another bug I think. Spawning saved characters through the MP Ped menu removes inventory.


Removes inventory?! There’s no such thing as inventory in gta.

@T.Silence well as long as you don’t provide info like error messages or your addons.json I can’t do anything about it. Works fine for a lot of people, someone saying “I did it correct and it doesn’t work” will just be ignored because I can’t do shit without information.


@Vespura When I say inventory, I’m referring to weapons, flashlights, etc.


hi, i reading the topic…
and i am not allowed to change the default key. i tryed but is not even change :open_mouth:
can you help me?


Change vmenu_menu_toggle_key.

What did you try changing it to?