vMenu v3.0.2 - A server-sided menu including (almost) full permissions support



Auto drive is not RP related though, could be used on any server. BAC (blood alcohol something (right?)) seems very specific to RP. A “drunk” mode might be added, but I don’t think I’ll add a BAC set/search option.


Ok i was not thinking about this being a non rp menu. Ive seen vMenu on alot of rp servers so i thought id shoot a suggestion that could help all. But i understand what your saying.


vMenu v2.2.0


here as usual.


Permissions changes

Weapon Options Menu

  • vMenu.WeaponOptions.PlasmaPistol (new dlc pistol)
  • vMenu.WeaponOptions.PlasmaCarbine (new dlc smg)
  • vMenu.WeaponOptions.PlasmaMinigun (new dlc minigun)

Weapon Loadouts Menu

  • vMenu.WeaponLoadouts.Menu Access the new weapon loadouts menu.
  • vMenu.WeaponLoadouts.All Use all options in the new weapon loadouts menu.
  • vMenu.WeaponLoadouts.Equip Allows you to equip a weapon loadout, weapons which are a not allowed via the Weapon Options menu will not be spawned in.
  • vMenu.WeaponLoadouts.EquipOnRespawn Allows you to automatically equip a specific saved weapon loadout whenever you (re)spawn, also works if you’ve just joined the server.

Other changes


  • Fix speed display function showing KPH instead of MPH even if MPH was toggled on, and KPH was off.
  • Fix the menu toggle key not being set correctly in all places.
  • Prevent ultra wide aspect ratios from causing problems by notifying the user, and forcing the menu to left-align if an unsupported aspect ratio is being used.
  • Fix “tatttoo” typo in some places, not all internal code can be changed for backwards compatibility with previous save files and servers using older versions.
  • Fix ‘M’ key triggering a bugged ‘noclip’ menu state whenever the player is not allowed to use the main menu (staff only is enabled).
  • Fix ‘Noclip is now active…’ message appearing when it shouldn’t.
  • Fix ammo count not being set and/or saved correctly in multiple cases.
  • Fix weapon loadouts permissions.
  • Fix bullet proof tires not being set and/or saved correctly in some cases.
  • Fix ‘Spawn Ped By Name’ permissions bug.
  • Fix dev permissions (can still be toggled off).
  • Fix build warnings of vMenu by using a custom FXServer build for server API version.
  • Fixed critical bug caused by a Natives repo PR by myself, this caused player appearance props to break.
  • Fix some potential permissions issue when using Spawn Weapon By Name (previously when allowed, gave you access to spawn any weapon, this is no longer the case, unless it’s an addon weapon then you’re still allowed to spawn any addon weapon because those are not permissions restricted).
  • Fix Appveyor config for auto publishing new builds.


  • Update MenuAPI version.
  • Refactor some code and clean up multiple parts of the code.
  • Move files/classes into subfolders to try and organize the internal structure a bit.
  • Tiresmoke is a bit more user friendly now because it’ll automatically select your current tiresmoke color when opening the vehicle mod menu.
  • Changed or removed some default location blips.
  • Some repo cleanups, like deleting travis.yml, deleting CNAME file, deleting an unused JS script file and more.
  • No longer require vMenu to have access to the command.sets permission, but use the native instead for guaranteed access.
  • Move permissions to the vMenuShared project. PermissionsManager.cs now manages all permissions client- and server-side.
  • Readme and license copyright year/date changes.
  • :warning: Changed how addons are loaded, now done client side. Server side only checks for errors and prints them to the server console as a warning, it does not send the file to the client anymore. This requires you to override your __resource.lua file and MAKE SURE THAT THE addons.json FILE IS IN THE resources\vMenu\config\ FOLDER!
  • Add a way for me to print an extra ‘update checker’ message in the server console if needed. Only used whenever I need to send an important message to server owners without having to bump the vMenu version.


  • Added a ‘saved weapons’ (Weapon Loadouts) menu.
  • Add (re)spawning with a default loadout equipped.
  • Add a lot of new default location blips.
  • Added facial expressions to characters created with the MP Character Creator menu.
  • Add DLC weapons from Arnea Wars DLC (1604).
  • Add permissions for those weapons.
  • Add colored headlights option to the Vehicle Options -> Mod Menu.


Add the ability to set a message for the auto ban of cheaters (like what it would say on the ban message)


done :wink:


when will this be updated and added?


Next version. Not sure when that’ll be, maybe a few weeks or months. Or you can download the beta build.


Having some issues, I have all the folders set up correctly.
After updating from v2.1.0 to v2.2.0, it seems certain cars in my addons.json prevents the menu from working at all. I’ve removed several, and the menu works, but when I put them back it stops.


Your addons.json is either broken or missing, make sure it’s in the /config folder and isn’t broken.


just a suggestion, add Overhead Player Names for staff to see who is FailRP.


Just use the playernames resource and add permissions support to that I guess. Not going to be added into vMenu soon.


will do. figured id suggest for convenience lol.


we added the latest version of Vmenu but we are still unable to add hats and glasses, we also have to hit enter with every customise item. anyone having this problem or know a fix ?


Then I’m guessing you’re not running the latest version, because it’s definitely fixed. Make sure you downloaded the correct version and installed it properly. Maybe try clearing your cache as well.


ah there we go thanks man :'D


cannot open vMenu ver.2.2 in the game, in ver.2.1 there are no problems, I have tested ver. 2.2 in a standard fivem server without anything else installed, and that does not work there, cant open with M


no info = no fix. Provide some info or i won’t be able to help.


If I make vehicle addons, vMenu cannot start, more than 35-40 vehicles


Hi !
Can you help me please ?
How you did this Multistring text :
HelpMessage.Custom("NoClip is now active. Look at the instructional buttons for all the keybinds. You can view your current moving speed all the way on the bottom right instructional button.");

Using This :
I can get max 3 or 4 small strings


He said it how it is. No issues, says its loaded fine, says it is up to date. Nothing works in game though. Is there a Vmenu log i can get you?