vMenu v3.0.2 - A server-sided menu including (almost) full permissions support



@PiadinaCalda & @Luigi1186 thanks for the info, I’ll need to know if this also happens for the mp character creator. I can’t test anything ingame until Friday.


@brickyard @Luigi1186 @PiadinaCalda @M.Whitaker
Found the issue.
I’ll publish a full hotfix on friday, for now you can download it here, however note that this is still a beta build, but it does fix this issue: (download removed, it’s not worth it upgrading because it causes more crashes)


For me it doesnt work always when i press m button on server it says No Clip on … no menu at my friends pc it works …


you’re the best!


Speedy result, thanks! :slight_smile:


Is there any possible way to add an object spawner to this menu?


i think that might have messed up addons vehicles for server. The addon vehicles are locked and i have everything set correctly it was working yesterday just fine.


Also when you die i get a time frame warning and drop to 20 frames but only when you get killed.


if you downloaded the latest beta build instead of the one linked, then yes that’ll be broken.

Can you show me the errors that get spammed into the console whenever you get those frame time warnings? Usually no frame time warnings without massive console spam.

read below.

Just for your info, this is a beta build with bugs, I’ll publish a new version with fixes for it soon. Please do upgrade to that one as well.


i done it everything and look that again and again but it isn’t set only for permission players. everyone can use. we want that just admins only but we cant :frowning: can you help? and yes i looked your config and permissions doc


upload your permissions.cfg to pastebin.com or something and share the link.


okay, there is my permissions.cfg https://hastebin.com/ikeyasicad.shell


What the heck did am I doing wrong? I thought if it’s uncommented out then it would be available.


@DementedDude it is available though?? Only thing not available is spawning that weapon, because you didn’t give the .Spawn permission.


So removing the hashtag from ‘AR’ does not give permission?


Only to edit those weapons, not to spawn them.


Lack of sleep = idiot. Thank you.


hey we have this menu and its was working fine but 2 days ago we must have done something because we can no longer change Ped hats and glasses.


Read above.


Hey quick question (kinda random).
Have you thought of adding a working BAC.
I have a working set bac and search nearest ped Bac.

The reason I ask is because I saw you updated the auto drive feature in your menu, I think a lot of people would like a BAC feature.

Just a suggestion. :grinning: