vMenu v3.0.2 - A server-sided menu including (almost) full permissions support



The finger point “script” is a FiveM/GTA Online thing, the default key is “b”


Yeah I know, but its not stock wtih fivem, and all the available scripts dont work for me.


no vMenu does not do that at all. There’s not even an option in vMenu that can destroy or disable anything. Only pressing ‘toggle engine’ turns it on or off but it never destroys anything and it doesn’t “try to constantly do that” or something like that. It’s just a button that toggles the engine once.

Maybe, but there are already scripts out there that do this.

It’s only added by mods/scripts, it’s not something default in GTA V or FiveM.


Oh, weird. Whenever I disabled vMenu the aircraft started working again, I’ll try and see if maybe it’s another script.

As for the finger pointing, I’ve tested a few out, they didn’t work, got any good suggestions?


Hello, for some reason the vmenu works for everyone on my server but it does not want to open for me do you know any way to fix this issue?


usually a broken dependency. Try re-installing GTA V and FiveM completely, first GTA V, then FiveM.


that’s gonna take a long time


Does anyone know how to change facial expressions for mp peds?


Don’t know if it’s just me but temp bans don’t automatically unban after their time expired. You have to manually unban them through the menu or the ‘bans.json’.


As it said in the docs for vMenu, I’ve gone ahead and installed it through ZAP-Hosting without any issues. I added my self to admin in the permissions.cfg file and launched the game, upon checking the menu none of the permissions that we’re specified for moderator nor admin worked/came up. I’ve looked over the permissions.cfg file and everything seems to be fine. I have indeed check my server.cfg file as welll and the exec line is above all other things and points to my directory for where my permissions.cfg file is.

From the vMenu installation documents.

If you’re using ZAP Hosting, you might want to leave the permissions.cfg file inside the config folder, and use exec resources/vMenu/config/permissions.cfg instead of exec permissions.cfg in step 4.


regular players get a message saying “noclip is enabled” and i know it is a bug and i know it is fixed in beta version but i can’t find any beta version. the only version i can find is 2.1.0 i mean the newest version


Hello have any tips on what its causing a issue with permissions? I have set it to where I can control what items they get but it does not let them get them.Untitled1 Untitled2


Actually pointing your finger is a GTA Online thing, idk if it’s default in FiveM but it is 100% default in GTA Online and since FiveM uses the same Sync for GTA Online servers I would imagine it would be default for servers too.


Actually, it’s a GTA online script that does this. It’s not a ‘builtin game feature’.

No it’s not, it’s a script that runs on GTA Online. And since FiveM doesn’t run those GTA Online scripts, it’s not in FiveM, unless someone makes a script for this themselves and puts it on a server.

What does ‘Sync’ have anything to do with running scripts?


Actually shark cards are a GTA Online thing, idk if it’s default in FiveM but it is 100% default in GTA Online and since FiveM uses the same Sync for GTA Online servers I would imagine it would be default for servers too.


Already implemented in beta builds.

No you don’t need to do that at all, it removes them only if the player tries to join after it’s expired. Because having a timer run through all bans to check if one needs to be removed would just be unnecessary work, so it only checks if the player tries to join, and then automatically removes it if it’s expired. You shouldn’t edit the bans.json at all.

Provide a link (pastebin.com or so) to your permissions.cfg file so I can take a look. Are you sure you’ve read the FAQ section on the docs? As it explains the most common causes whenever permissions ‘dont work’. (Like for example: using the wrong player identifier’).

Already fixed in beta builds a few weeks ago.

https://docs.vespura.com/vmenu/permissions-ref/permissions/#weapon-options look at the weapon permissions descriptions.


Yeah sure thing, here is my permissions.cfg file.



@RageYT if you type this: vmenu_use_permissions through RCON or in the F8 console in-game, what do you get in return?




Are you using v2.1.0? While in-game type vmenuclient dump in the client console, and then send me your CitizenFX.log file inside your FiveM application data folder (you can pm me that file if you want).