vMenu v3.0.2 - A server-sided menu including (almost) full permissions support



The only thing is all these options work for others every time they try. And I have found more things that don’t work, almost everything in the misc settings do not work for me

And no I’m not getting any errors. Is there anywhere where user info is stored?


User settings/saved vehicles/peds etc is stored in %appdata%/citizenfx/kvs (which is not in your fivem installation folder)


I tried deleting that and no luck, but even simple things dont work. Ill give you a list

  1. Show time on screen
  2. Show coordinates
  3. Show Speed (in mph and kmh, both dont work)

and then what I have already mentioned.


weird, are you using a custom resolution or aspect ratio?


let me check


no, 1920 x 1080 , full screen, 16:9


I dont think I even have one installed put could it be a graphics mod?


I doubt that. Really strange all this. I have no idea. Enable client debugging mode (in the __resource.lua), (re)start the server, join the server, try to (re)enable those features that don’t work and quit the game. Then send me the CitizenFX.log file.


whats the directory for the log file?


fivem application data\CitizenFX.log


I have 6 log files? is that even…normal


which one do I send?


the one called CitizenFX.log without any numbers suffixing it. Having multiple is normal, you probably end up with 10 of them at some point. They rotate each time you start FiveM.


CitizenFX.log (215.0 KB)


Looks all fine to me (at least related to vMenu, there are a lot of other scripts throwing errors or crashing in there but that’s not related to vMenu)


yeah I know we are actually going through and getting those fixed today. Any idea? suggestions?


No clue what the vMenu issue is. Should be working fine.


I’m having issues with my “addons” my addons.json is in the “config” folder and it has data in it but the menu interface isn’t picking up any addons Capture

EDIT: I’m sorry I’m so stupid rookie codding mistake, missing the “,” on the addon “peds”


The vMenu keeps destroying all types of aircraft. every time I spawn in a plane/helicopter, it continuously destroys and repairs my engine and I cant take off.


Can you add the finger point script like the lambda menu in a future update?