vMenu v3.0.2 - A server-sided menu including (almost) full permissions support



update my server? i just got from the fivem website


Well you got an outdated one then.


how do i check the version im useing and version do i need?


Lol dude read the CFG it states what version you need lmao. Smh :man_facepalming:


wow you guys are really nice…


im new to this and all you guys can do is think omg this guy is dumb.yeah because you knew how to do everything at the start


my bad you where right i was wrong i got it working srry for being salty


[quote=“Vespura, post:1, topic:88868”]

  • You have to read the vMenu documentation first. I will ignore ALL questions that have been answered or explained on the vMenu docs.

It states clearly that you must read the docs first.



yes i see that.like i said my bad i was wrong.


is it possible to save the characters made with vmenu to my database?
like money earned and cars gotten


No, it’s saved on the client.


ok ty


Hello, when I join my server and try to make a outfit on a MP male ped I can’t change my hair colour. Does anyone know’s how to fix this issue?


Are you using the correct menu?

Got a video of whatever you’re trying to do? Because it works fine for everyone else.


how do u clear like your MP saves and saved appearances?


gonna try this when i get my resources to load the correct way


What? How do you delete saved characters? Well just delete the saved character… exactly the same place where you spawn them.


how to completely disable vMenu for the regular user ?


there is a permission for staff only


ohh cause i saw that i can for the MP customization but i couldn’t under the player appearances. only reason i asked is cause i had some saved and when i went to spawn them they werent the same NPC, had different clothes and looked nothing like when i saved.