vMenu v2.2.2 - A server-sided menu including (almost) full permissions support



e[93m[vMenu] [WARNING] vMenu is set up to ignore permissions!
If you did this on purpose then you can ignore this warning.
If you did not set this on purpose, then you must have made a mistake while setting up vMenu.

this is popping up on my counsel dont know how to fix it


It tells you what the issue is. You’re not executing the permissions.cfg (correctly).


i know but im confused on what im doing wrong


how do i execute it right??




Hellow !

I was using the 2.2.0 version and all was right with permission.

But when i use the 2.2.1 , with same settings , all players can use the vMenu .

I did True for the " Only staff settings "

Permission.cfg 2.2.1 https://pastebin.com/S0a8GL1s

Permission.cfg 2.2.0 https://pastebin.com/dDSRauP1

Thank you for the share and your supporting :wink:


The permision.cfg file is a template you will need to make a .cfg file and add your permissions on there then exec that file. Or you can do it the simple way and just put the information in the server.cfg file.


I understand but why when i do the same settings it dont works ?^^


Uhm no? It’s a default “template” yeah but you don’t need to create a new file or put it in the server.cfg, the reason you should just use the permissions.cfg is that you can then easily update it or have multiple permissions configs for different servers, and still have 1 “general” server.cfg. It’s also a lot easier when updating.


@Sma3il_La_Legende you are probably not executing the permissions.cfg at all.


Hi, I have a small problem with this script. I set up everything correctly in permissions file and added “#” before the last line(add_ace resource.vMenu command.sets allow) but it’s still showing that vMenuUUID in my server tags. Am I doing smth wrong? Thanks.


there’s no way to disable this because it’s done by natives, no commands are used anymore because those commands were only added because the natives weren’t implemented yet at first.


I started it at the ligne 1 as you say in your documentation :frowning:

All work in 2.2.0 that’s why i dont understand :o


are you still starting vMenu?

also, when you say everyone has access to the menu, are you sure everyone does?
It sounds like another resource is probably giving people access to it by adding them to the group.admin principal or something similar.


Oh wow. I thought i read on your docs that vMenu does not read the permission file. But if this is the case then i need to re work my perms.

vMenu does NOT read the permissions.cfg file

But i was just trying to help. Sorry i could not help you @Sma3il_La_Legende.


No it’s fine. I’m just trying to fix misconceptions, apparently by creating more misconceptions in the process… vMenu doesn’t “read” any permissions related file manually. Instead, you execute the permissions file, and vMenu then asks the server if a player is allowed to do x.


Oh ok makes sense. :+1:


Hello. I want to know how i can translate vMenu into Portuguese.
Thank you!


You can’t. Labels are used wherever possible so those will be translated automatically based on the user’s game language. Other stuff can’t be translated without re-coding everything.


First , Thank you for supporting. More than 2600 message … just waow !

2nd , im sure cause dad everyone have access cause i didnt add my self in the permission.cfg

And i im a simple "user " in my DataBase…

Maybe the essentialmode give the acess ? Im using the 6.0.2 .