vMenu v2.2.2 - A server-sided menu including (almost) full permissions support



That’s much better. So you have an issue with invisibility, godmode, and the vehicle torque options?
Are you unable to disable those features? or enable them?


yea but i have a admins and i cant ! to sad for this bro


Clear the cashe in my FivemApp or in my server?


Try the server one first, then if it doesn’t work the client one.

This makes no sense whatsoever, sorry.


Do you know how to clear it on the server because I already tried client side.


what do you mean?


Yes, just delete the cache folder, which is inside your server’s folder.


k man i think to work


right now i start the server with clear cache and clear cache on the folder my application data + server and i add new version on my server !



please help me vespura


I cleared one of them and it did nothing but there is another cashe that is in this file

Is that it?


yea i deleted this and dont work man


my server wont start now that ive added the new vMenu and this it where its loops at forever


@ChickenChicken_2002 you must have another resource that conflicts, vMenu didn’t change anything related to invisibility or the other stuff.


@agdrago682 provide server and client logs.

@jcd5520 idk then. It clearly doesn’t use an updated version somewhere because the permission “doesn’t exist” somehow.


I am having the worlds strangest issue with vMenu, and any other resource coded in C#, (FRFuel for example). I cannot for the life of me get this to show on my PC. It’ll show on my laptop, and it shows up for all of my players, same with FRFuel, HUD doesn’t show up. So i’m assuming this is due to me missing a dependency or something of that sort perhaps? I’ve gone as far as reinstalling my OS.


when i change character from MP peds customization my character lose all the weapons any idea to fix it ?


Most likely Newtonsoft.Json then. FRFuel and vMenu both use it. Take the Newtonsoft.Json.dll file from the vMenu download and place that inside your GTA V installation folder. That seems to fix it for some people.

Make sure the server is using the latest vMenu version. Older versions had this bug but it’s since been fixed. You can solve this by enabling the restore weapons option in the misc settings menu.


Hey man, I have setr vmenu_use_permissions set to true, But when i load up the server is saying “[vMenu] [WARNING] vMenu is set up to ignore permissions!
If you did this on purpose then you can ignore this warning.
If you did not set this on purpose, then you must have made a mistake while setting up vMenu.
Please read the vMenu documentation (https://docs.vespura.com/vmenu).
Most likely you are not executing the permissions.cfg (correctly).”

And the same if i set “use_permissions” to false


Like the message states. You are most likely not executing the permissions.cfg correctly/at all.