vMenu v2.2.2 - A server-sided menu including (almost) full permissions support



Do you need help adding addon cars into vMenu? Or do you need help installing addon cars in general?


I fixed it. Thanks


how do i set it so only admins and super admins have it plus i made set_permissons to true and it doesnt more


read the docs.

“set_permissions” What’s that?

“it doesnt more” what?


setr vmenu_use_permissions true
but everyone can do it setr vmenu_menu_staff_only true
i dont want everyone only staff


Well it’s explained on the docs how to do it. Setting the convar and giving the vMenu.Staff permission to people you want to be able to use it is all you need.


how do i get rid of the normal people having it?
i look in the docs
i done the convar
but normal people still have it


how do i make it so users cant use noclip i have changed the key in permissions but it dosent change for normal people



I updated the menu and not it will not show up in game. Do you know a fix?


Same with the no-clip


Send the client log (CitizenFX.log file in your FiveM folder) from right after you tried to use the menu.


CitizenFX.log (280.2 KB)


oh wait wrong one


CitizenFX.log (144.2 KB)



  1. Can i somehow change/edit the language?
  2. Can i somewhere change keybinds? Like F2 to stop noclip - i want this to another key.
  3. Can i somehow delete this from my server info?

  1. No
  2. Yes
  3. No


@jcd5520 seems you didn’t update correctly, not all files have been replaced thus creating a mismatch between the required file versions.


oK i have did the permissions and stuff i exec it and the permission that i set arnt in my server im trying to do a roleplay server but everyone keeps getting super cars and stuff like guns that can kill cops fast i need help.


Well I guess you didn’t set the permissions up correctly. Make sure the .All permission is removed if you want to remove certain items from a submenu. Take a look on the docs. It’s all explained there.