vMenu v2.2.2 - A server-sided menu including (almost) full permissions support



that’s not really the biggest problem, just converting it from using CFX api set to scripthook and to c++ would be the hard part. at least for me, never done any C++.


I have, but it would be pain in the ass, or simply too much work for little gain


I need help with how to add admins and moderators. I am not sure how to get the steam ID, I have found steam id finders but they don’t show the right ID that looks like steam:110000…Anybody know how to find the proper steam ID?




It seems like even tho I remove perms for voice chat. It still interferes with other voice chats?

Is there a version of vMenu with no voicechat at all?


No. vMenu does not touch voice chat at all whenever the voice chat menu is disabled. And yes the version without it is already the public version, the feature is ‘removed/disabled’ completely if voice chat menu options are not allowed.

See here: https://github.com/TomGrobbe/vMenu/blob/087f92addc396673ea0dfc391d232ec532f801a0/vMenu/FunctionsController.cs#L912


Then Idk why because I have deleted everything with voice in it. inside Permissions.cfg but still no luck


Then I’m guessing you either set vMenu up to ignore permissions, or you didn’t set the permissions up correctly. Because then it’ll default to some ‘safe permissions setup’.

Are you able to see the voice chat menu in-game?




I dont see what im doing wrong by deleting the lines? Should I instead put a # infront?


Ok so I get how to turn on and off the menus and access but however I can’t figure out how to only allow admins all access when I # out the online players I also loose admin functions so I tried to add all functions to admins.group and still same issues I loose admin functions how do I make it where guest can’t acces admin functions like teleport weather time, car spawn, peds, weapons kick or ban?


No, you’re doing it correctly. I have no clue what the issue is then, maybe you’re giving people some wildcard permission? Like vMenu.Everything?

vMenu does not touch the voice chat if you don’t have permissions for the menu, it shouldn’t matter if vMenu is running or not you will still have those voice chat issues if you set vMenu up correctly (the permissions.cfg is correctly executed)




Some how it works now lol. But It was doing some wierd sh’t with the weather. I also have vsync on


It’s mentioned on the faq page on the docs how to solve that.


okay Thanks :slight_smile:


i just installed the menu and i love it, but is there a way to have like an extra tab in the menu when i go into addon cars and then lets say i want to sort all drift cars into a “drift” folder?
idk if someone has allready asked that


in the future there will be a list based on vehicle class, just like the saved vehicles and normal vehicle spawner menu. It’s been requested a lot but just haven’t had time yet to implement it.


Ok, thank you!


So i have an issue where i add in the latest version of vMenu or any version this starts happening

And i’m not sure what’s causing it (Also note that it keeps telling me my vMenu is out of date)