vMenu v2.2.0 - A server-sided menu including (almost) full permissions support



Thank you soo much for all the help man couple suggestions if i may

Vehicles cat.

  1. Add a way to blacklist certain cars because blacklisting whole category disallows some good vehicles for rp
    Weapons cat.
    1.Make it so you can disable explosive ammo instead of the whole gun
    misc cat.
    Add a way to basicaly request to teleport to another user
    Player id 2 types in chat /tprequest ID
    player id 1 does /tpaccept

or do it with ui

These are only suggestions

Also make it so you can set the max voice chat range so every one does not spawn with global


Just enter the vehicle spawn names there. If you want to show a custom name in the menu, then look for AddTextEntry in this topic (just use the search function and make sure “search in this topic” is checked).

Probably won’t happen, since that would destroy performance since it’d have to add like 300+ permissions or something.

Probably won’t happen either.

This is user preference. Not something server owners should be able to force.


Simply remove the noclip permission and you’re good to go.

As for the menu toggle key, checkout the docs for the correct convars. Also make sure you’re using setr instead of set. And update your server.


Things I’ve set in the menu for admin only is missing or locked. I an admin in the menu.

Here is an example of how things are set up:
add_ace builtin.everyone “vMenu.PlayerOptions.Menu” allow
#add_ace builtin.everyone “vMenu.PlayerOptions.All” allow
add_ace group.admin “vMenu.PlayerOptions.God” allow
add_ace group.admin “vMenu.PlayerOptions.Invisible” allow
#add_ace builtin.everyone “vMenu.PlayerOptions.UnlimitedStamina” allow
add_ace builtin.everyone “vMenu.PlayerOptions.Functions” allow

so functions work and unlimited stamina is removed from menu, however god and invisibility are also removed.

Any ideas what’s wrong here?


Is it possible to somehow classify add-on vehicles?
Example, separate police and separate civilians add-on car.
If this is somewhere mentioned let me know please, thank.


looks all fine. I’m guessing the error is in the part where you add yourself as an admin. I think you’re probably not correctly added to the admin group.

Not possible, but it is a suggested feature. Which you would’ve known if you had seen the FAQ page on the docs.


Before I get into it, is the Documentation not working for others? Or is it just me?

Hey! I am going through all the permissions and have two questions.
If I want to turn an option off, do I set it to “false”, “not allowed”, or “deny”?
How do I set a default option? For example, I would like “add_ace builtin.everyone “vMenu.PlayerOptions.Ignored” allow” to be disabled and marked as “Yes”

Thank you!

Additionally, is it possible to restrict addon vehicles to groups?

Thank you!


okay i under stand that but this guy made a black listing system no frame loss i just thought it would be a nice feature in the menu because his is all hard coded perms so


That one is very different. It just blocks those vehicles from being used/spawned in the way that it deletes those cars. For vMenu I would have to make a permission for every single car. And you would have to give them all to the player. Causing massive load on the menu and server because there’s already a lot of permissions to check. Besides that: it would almost be impossible for server owners to find their way through the permissions file if there’s 300+ extra permissions.

Define “not working” if you mean you can’t access docs.vespura.com/vmenu then that’s probably a you-problem because I can access them just fine from multiple IPs.

None of those. Just comment out the line.

Not possible. That’s user preference if they want it on or off.

Only by vehicle class, just like the vehicle spawner menu.


No matter what I do, most of the commands wont work for staff. The ban menu shows, the time and weather menus show, but nothing else will active for staff. No idea why.


There are no commands in vMenu… only some debugging or server console restricted commands that’s all.

Sounds like you set stuff to deny. Read the docs.

I’m guessing whatever I mentioned above, but that’s all it is: a guess. Because you provided no way for me or anyone else to look into it by providing absolutely no info whatsoever.


By commands I meant the menus. And I know how to make them allow because the weather/time menus worked, the rest didn’t.


Again, if you want help: you’ll need to provide info. And with info, I mean files like permissions.cfg


Right haha.

Here goes: https://pastebin.com/MKpqBtEt


Exactly as I guessed: you’re setting some things to deny. Never set anything to deny. Please read the docs (permissions reference page, especially the top section) if you want to learn more about how to properly configure permissions.


Should I just comment out everything I don’t want to be available?


Yes. Though make sure you don’t give builtin.everyone a wildcard ace like vMenu.<subMenu>.All since that would override the other permissions.


Well, I turned off every deny and the same options are still broken.


Pm me your new file. I’ll look into it there without spamming this topic too much.


Hello !
I have an question , i have an vMenu on my server for a long time , and sometimes i have no AI traffic on my server . But when i use commands stop vMenu and start vMenu again , i can see traffic after this ( i tryed lot of versions of vMenu and i got still same problem ! And i haven’t any other resources with traffic control , what it can be ? . If i delete vMenu from autostart , i will have traffic always .