vMenu v2.0.0 - A server-sided menu including (almost) full permissions support



Hey, why can everyone even without permissions ban players?


Because you didn’t set it up correctly. Have you taken a look at the wiki?


Hi @Vespura ,
This mod looks amazing! I’ve tried installing it (following the instructions), and I just can’t seem to get it working. I’m using the standard FXServer/cfx server data master, and the menu just won’t open in game. It’s executing with no errors, and only responds in chat with the /vmenuclient command.

Edit: I’ve tried adding my steam profile ID and Username, it still doesn’t seem to work



Have you changed the buttons at all? And both server and client console no errors? If you’re ingame, type restart vMenu in the server console and check again in the client console to see if there are any errors.


Hi, I have followed the installation guide and read the permission how to, However i cannot get my permissions to do anything. No one can access any options besides your credits in misc menu. Any suggestions? Almost seems like it’s not reading the permissions but i have included exec permissions line at the top of my server.cfg file & have included that file in the config file as well. I do however have MySQL connected. If that means anything.


vMenu v1.1.4

It’s update time again!

Change log

list of all changes (quite a lot)


  • ab87d35 added: add notifications that will appear in-game each time you join when the resource is outdated, to notify the server owner of a new update.
  • 50b7a91 added: new vehicle ‘special’ godmode feature (use this for Phantom Wedge and similar vehicles).
  • 88e55e2 added: new kick-action log feature. Requires convar set vMenuLogKickActions "true" in server.cfg file. (Must be ABOVE start vMenu in server.cfg). Actions will be logged to “/resources/vMenu/vmenu.log” (bans will now also be logged to that file).
  • 31bbe7a added: quit game, quit session and disconnect from server buttons to a new misc settings submenu. Currently does not require any permissions to use. Will be added in the future.
  • c7f75cd added: more notifications/subtitles for some menu related actions.
  • 93c8c8d added: new/more callback notifications for when players get kicked or when the kick action fails.
  • c391fc4 added: whenever you spawn a new vehicle, the vehicle will now get the same speed & RPM of your previous vehicle (only works if you were inside a vehicle that was on the move whenever you spawned the new vehicle). So you will no longer stop dead in your tracks whenever spawning a new vehicle.
  • e208ddc added: added all missing dlc weapons (new permissions will be listed below).


  • bfa1368 update: small performance updates.
  • eb7e3d8 update: improve logging of bans and changed the log format to be easier to read when viewing the file. Same format is used for new kick-action log feature.
  • 9f60c33 update: (dev change) modified notifications and subtitle classes.
  • 63d7667 update: (dev change) cleaned up code internally.
  • 07c28be update: (dev change) added more comments to some parts of the code.
  • e9df970 update: (dev change) testing dll for nativeui (this commit was broken, has been fixed in future commit).
  • 4d2bd20 update: (dev change) moved the order in wich a menu gets created and refreshed/updated.
  • eb7f014 update: (dev change) added loading/saving of json strings to user saved data. (used for experimental features)
  • 0fe49a0 update: more attempts at fixing the random issue someone was having regarding banning players breaking randomly. (not really any progress on finding the cause)
  • a89b479 update: notifications above the minimap will now blink by default, this is useful when multiple messages are shown at the same time, and the same message already on the screen is being shown again, then you will now see which notification just got triggered.
  • 4b588b9 update: cleaned up online players menu/actions and added more notifications so the user knows what happened.
  • b7926d0 update: changed the order of some things inside the online players menu when performing some staff action on the target player.
  • c975692 update: (ban manager) improved logging on the server and improved the callback notifications displayed to the source user whenever a staff action failed.
  • 27c9255 update: improved debug logging (server side)
  • 3378f00 update: disable unsafe mp character customization options for now. Will be added in the future but currently it will break everything, so please don’t try to enable this as it will screw up and modify your ped saves.
  • 2d2af92 update: (dev change) sort weapon names/hashes/permissions A-Z for easier expansion and still being able to see what’s going on.


  • 339c823 fixed: Fixed fast running/swimming not saving correctly and disabling itself randomly.
  • b4e98dc fixed: flashing high-beams user preference not saving correctly.
  • 628eb3f fixed: added ‘null’ check to prevent errors in console when first joining.
  • 4887b73 fixed: quit game and quit session functions accessibility issues have been fixed.
  • b8c1be5 fixed/update: added some null checks and more to attempt to debug a reported issue that still can’t be reproduced, even with the new Testing Group on my discord server… :confused:
  • 0a83cbf fixed: some peds in the peds spawn list spawned the wrong ped (was only an issue in the dev branch, this was never a bug in the production version of vMenu).
  • efe8175 fixed: fixed/improved the new ‘special godmode’ feature.
  • ab44ce0 fixed: rewrote part of a menu to hopefully prevent vehicle extra’s/components being toggled on your previous vehicle whenever you toggle extras on your new vehicle. Didn’t happen all the time, but if you had this issue then it should be fixed in this update.
  • 21e5e19 fixed: fix for this issue: #84.

Experimental stuff

  • e263f13, 0ea71c1, 834be6f, 6499072, bd9a0b9 & 39ed5fc experimental update: (experimental, not available in this release) starting to test things out related to MP character customization.
  • 87aea60 experimental update: starting to do some things with a ‘features config file’. Not yet implemented in this new release, but is a work in progress.


  • ca73f46 travis: attempting some fixes to get travis working again. (not all commits are listed here, because it’s not important)
  • 9b5b17f (travis: added development branch to trigger test builds.)

New permissions in this update

  • vMenu.VehicleOptions.SpecialGod This allows you to use the new special vehicle god mode feature.
  • ( all new weapon permissions have been included in this list: https://hastebin.com/anowahehub.css )

New convars / settings in this update

  • set vMenuLogKickActions "true" add this ABOVE start vMenu in your server.cfg if you want to log all staff kick actions to a file.


When downloading this new version, make sure to replace the __resource.lua file as well.

Download link: here.


Not sure if this is just me, a different plugin, or what but when i press page up while in the vmenu or after using it it spawns a random super car. this happened with the left trigger too. are their quick keybinds associated with this menu?


There are no keybinds other than opening the menu or using noclip. So no that’s not caused by vMenu.


Is there a way to update without having everyone lose their ped/vehicle saves?


Yes, just update. Nobody will lose anything. As it’s all saved on the player’s computer instead of on your server.


Couldn’t load resource vMenu. I install vMenu with a guide. The console shows that vmenu has started, but fivem show error!


Which guide did you follow exactly?


Are you using trainerv by any chance? The hotkeys get a little strange if you take that plugin to FiveM.


Hey so just wondering if its possible to get it so when i add in someone to beable to use the menu and restart the resource if the update can be live so they can start using it or stop its hard to remove a admin for abuse of the ban system when u need to reboot the server for it to take effect ya know?


You have to delete the cache and restart the WHOLE server. not just the resource.


Taken back Could of sworn it did my bad lol


Only way to do this if you manually executed the permission commands in the server console, then reloaded the resource. Which is not recommended by the way.

Because this uses the default permissions system, there’s no way for the resource to know if permissions in the file have changed, because those permissions (by default) are only loaded on server start (you execute the permissions.cfg at every server start).

Nope, no need to clear the cache. Only need to restart the server.

No this won’t work, see reasons explained above.

You can still ban an admin using vMenu. Just don’t give the ‘don’t ban me’ permissions. Though I think that’s not what the original question was about. I think he just wanted to demote an admin, not ban them per se.


To add on this: next update will have a server command to ban and unban players. This command will override any ‘don’t ban me’ permissions so you (the server owner (who should be the only one to have server console access anyway)) will always be able to ban anyone no matter what permissions.


Hey, this might be a stupid question but idk… how would i be able to remove voice chat in vMenu since currently we have two voice chat and id like to disable vmenus one for everyone.


Hey Vespura is there a way to change the default voice proximity? Without decompiling?