vMenu v2.0.0 - A server-sided menu including (almost) full permissions support



Quick request, if at all possible, move max health and max armor out of the current spot to one of it’s own with it’s own permission? I want to keep the drive random/ drive to waypoint (can see some great RP potential with self driving cars) and suicide open for all, but members are going to figure out they don’t need to pay for body armor at ammunition or call an ambulance before long.
On the same note, would be extremely grateful for a revive player on the online player menu. For those “/ooc I didn’t mean to jump from my car going 100+ mph can you heal me” admin calls.

Even without, really digging the menu. Much easier to work with permissions here then editing the menu for Mello and love the added features. Many thanks for your hard work


Self driving will be moved to its own submenu once it’s fully implemented with more features.
Suicide will probably be moved. Thus leaving healing and max armor in the current spot and will have 1 permission for both of those.

Not sure, might add a heal/max armor function in there but won’t guarantee it’ll be compatible with other specific health scripts.

Glad you like it :slight_smile:


Looking forward to it.
And tip for some…we found that activating an emote, specifically our hands up script, quickly stops the auto drive without having to go to the menu. For us it’s just double tapping the x to throw our hands up real quick then drop them again. (made for funny rp when trying to use it like a ‘look ma, no hands’ on a bike in autodrive)

Understood. Can tell you that your current set health to max script works to bring a player out of a coma in vRP with no issues. And if not I’ll just keep tp-ing to revive. It’s a ‘wish list’ item


Your hands up script clears the player tasks in that case. So also cancelling driving tasks.


Ah, yes it does and and that makes sense. Never thought about why since it it works with a couple of other hotkey emotes, just found it handy (pun intended)


Update time! - vMenu v1.0.9 (hotfix is now released, just re-download if you upgraded already)

Bug fixes, new features and some features have changed. Also quite a few internal changes.

  • Added more realistic suicide options. (random: 50/50 chance: either take the pill, or shoot yourself in the head (currently slightly bugged because the gun does not make any sound when the animation is playing, still need to figure out how to solve that).
  • Changed unlimited stamina to use stats instead of a repeating native call. Also included driving, flying shooting, and other MP stats to be 100% at all times. This also greatly increases the max ammo count for weapons :slightly_smiling_face:
  • Improved performance and fix incompatibility issues with some other [random] resources. Help text being drawn by buggy resources could cause issues for vMenu. Not sure if it’s fixed 100% but I guess we’ll find out for sure when this update is shipped out.
  • Added more debugging when debug mode is on. I’m trying to figure out an issue relating vehicles not being deleted or spawning x amount of times instead of only once when toggling “Replace Previous Vehicle” on/off repeatedly, this bug is still in this version as I’m still not sure how to solve it. For the time being, just keep Replace Previous Vehicle turned on to prevent this.
  • Fixed another couple of NativeUI bugs, hopefully reducing the weird positioning on some systems -although the previous 6 million of those “fixes” didn’t seem to work either so I doubt it’ll improve anything- it’s worth a try.
  • Switched to another version of Newtonsoft.Json. It’s now compatible for client and server side. Saving things to the client will now be done using Newtonsoft.Json instead of my own hacky json parser functions. This will allow for improved saving in the future. For now I’ve just tried to keep compatibility with existing save files and also keep backwards compatibility for servers using older versions of vMenu. However if I decide to update the system completely, it might mean you either lose your custom saves, or you loose access to them on certain servers using outdated versions of vMenu. Though that’s planned for another update.
  • Added the vMenu.VehicleSpawner.DisableReplacePrevious permission. This is now required in order to be able to turn off the “Replace Previous Vehicle” toggle. This is to give server owners the ability to protect their servers against vehicle spawn spam.
  • Last but not least, some misc improvements, not very noticeable but it was needed to get the resource more organized.

Download here.

(File is too large to upload here directly because it also contains the source code + all reference dll files from now on.)


Big thanks for update !


The only difference of 1.0.8 and 1.0.9 on my server is that 1.0.9 can not be opened


Yes , same problem )


changed the title to match the new version :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m honestly glad to see I’m not alone in this. I’ve been questioning my sanity for the past 30 minutes, thinking I’m doing something wrong.

Downgrading for meow…


Something I noticed: when I do “stop vMenu”>“start vMenu”, it hangs until the server window gets a keypress, printing a relative hitch warning, but even still, no response in game.


That’s very strange. What resolutions are you all playing on? And do you still get the instructional buttons in the lower right corner of the screen when you “toggle” the menu?

That’s also very strange and I haven’t been able to reproduce this. It does give a hitch warning when starting it because of the version check, however it should just be a hitch warning of about 1-2 seconds at max.


The issue seems to be with the provided Newtonsoft.Json.dll being corrupted. Works fine when testing on my pc when building from the source files, but it randomly breaks whenever I use the zip version. I’ll update this asap.


my resolution is 3840x2160 and when I press M, I can not see anything


Yeah I found the issue. But I’m not sure why it’s randomly breaking, and randomly working for me at the same time… Uploading a new version soon.


Update - v1.0.9 hotfix!

The corrupt dll file has been replaced, please redownload it here:


thanks it works fine now


When it comes to the addon car’s part of the menu, am I able to change the name other than the spawn name?


This has been talked about a few times already a couple posts up. Just look for a recent Element reply explaining how to do it.