vMenu v1.4.0 - A server-sided menu including (almost) full permissions support



Is it normal for vMenu is see system admins (admins that have their hex ids in the server cfg) as full admins in the menu even though they are not added in vMenus permissions lua?


aces and principals are built in to the server, so they are shared across all resources. If you have multiple groups, and you use the same ones for vMenu and another resource, then adding people to the same group will give that group’s permissions for both resources.


i’ve searched from the beginning (back when you released this) and around 200 comments from about 1 month ago. didn’t find my issue and hope that it’s not been answered.

new to FiveM, though i’ve hosted many other game servers so i’m not that of a rookie, however…

when i put the files into my server resources vMenu and have the file Start vMenu, configured the vMenu config perfectly. i get into the server and i am punched in the face with the game client stating:

i have recent vMenu files, recent FiveM server files. forwarded the ports in my router as well (to fill out as much information for you as possible)


hmm, that’s really strange that i’d give such severe time warning. I’ve never had that myself and afaik nobody else has ever had that or nobody reported it at least. Are you using vMenu v1.4.0 and using at least fxserver version 801 or later?


is FiveM, FXserver? i have the latest files downloaded then, mhm!


I’m talking about these:
either windows server or linux proot
at least 801 or newer is needed for vMenu v1.4.0


ok, i downloaded a complete new server folder, copied over my resources and configs.

(EDIT) issue was still happening. i disable vMenu and the server worked fine and i could play fine. Enabled vMenu and that issue in the screenshot happened.

could it be my GTA V? i downloaded GTA V fresh just the other week.

after server gets launched and started, console shows:
hitch warning: frame time of 626 milliseconds

and after i receive this, when i login to the server, the screenshot is what happens.

Host PC: 16GB DDR4, Intel i7 4.0 ghz, LAN connected, GTX 1060