vMenu v1.4.0 - A server-sided menu including (almost) full permissions support



Hi, im trying to make it so only admins have permission to use weapons, all cars and weather and ped stuff i have put a hash next to everything and i put everything i want admins to use under admins and it still wont do anything can anyone help me?


where can i change the button to open the menu ??


Look on the docs.

You’re probably not executing the permissions file or you’re not editing the correct file


i stil dont get it how i can change the key


I notice it just doesn’t work with F6 from esx policejob etc interaction menu lets call it like that :stuck_out_tongue: If i disable vmenu again it works but sadly can’t use both.


“Doesn’t work” what exactly doesn’t work when you use both resources?




Yeah using both resources won’t work. Because other menu getting disable it seems from esx police job when you get spawn objects or id search etc that menu is gone.

I had it on my F5 key that was empty slot but change to F10 and now it works (Solved)


I had a question about the weather, but then I read the documentation. So, umm… Never mind…




Please update asap


  • fixes multiple banning related critical bugs.
  • Auto-banning of cheaters is now disabled by default, can be enabled using this convar: set vMenuBanCheaters "true".
  • The vMenuLogBanActions and vMenuLogKickActions options are now enabled by default.
  • Fixed player blips conflicting with the option to draw a route to a player in the Online Players menu.

Download here


Thanks for update Vespura =).


Docs have been updated to add the newest convars. Newest permissions will be added soon.

Edit: all missing permissions are now also added.
I’ve also added an example section in the configuration info page, as well as some more info for each option.


I have only MISC SETTINGS, help :confused:


Need more info, did you follow the instructions on docs.vespura.com/vmenu/installation ?


Im editing the permissions file


I have tried it and have the same exact issue.


I am setting up a mess around server with friends… How do I give permission for everybody to use the vMenu?


With all access, and basically everything lol



Do not put it at the top,

should be like this in server.cfg

# you probably don't want to change these!
# only change them if you're using a server with multiple network interfaces
endpoint_add_tcp ""
endpoint_add_udp ""

exec permissions.cfg


This didn’t work for me!