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Vitality RP

Join the discord! (Updated link!)

We are Currently hiring Police, EMS and welcoming Civilians!

Vitality RP (VRP) is a ESX based server that we have been developing in the past month, we officially released a 3 days ago. The staff team is dedicated to building a serious roleplay server for the community, we value the opinions and suggestions from players and use this to further to develop the server. Our development team implements updates weekly both large and small to ensure the strong community.

Our Mission:

At VRP our mission is to build a realistic, organized and serious roleplay community for anybody to enjoy and build their story, whether they are interested in public safety or just casual roleplay.


We only ask for that our members to RP responsibly. We also kindly ask that you speak English when playing on our server

Whitelisted jobs such as the Police department and EMS we do require that players join our discord to apply. We do require these players to use discord as a primary way of communication. Applications can be found on the discord.

What we offer:

As a community we offer Serious RP, we don’t take kindly to those who ‘mess about’. We know when to have fun and when to take it seriously. The server itself offers a wide range of custom businesses, over 100+ custom cars, a variety of jobs. The server also has four different gangs that consist of the mafia, cartel, grove street and the Lost MC.

What do gangs offer?

The different gangs bring a unique perspective to each roleplay scenario. For example: The mafia are armed with Gusenberg which resembles the iconic Tommy gun. They ride in luxury as opposed to the Lost MC known as the biker’s gang, rough, trigger happy and leather.

What kind of businesses do we have?

The businesses on VRP consist of a variety, from the iconic Vanilla unicorn to the Bahama mammas. We are always looking for players with a interest in a new business idea. For example, one of our members suggested they would like to purchase a comedy club – so we did just that.

Split side comedy club:

What else do we offer?

Other than that you will just have to find out! There is one thing I will tell you though… We have over 100+ Add on cars all with custom made scripts! Car enthusiasts will love us!

From classic muscle to the new Bugatti Divo! Not to mention the sport bikes to silly Scooters!


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The owner is good friend of mine I would recommend joining


Absolutely fantastic server to play on, really active staff that are able to help so so quickly and a good community with some really good role players!