Visual settings.dat server side is it possible?


Is there a way to stream visualsettings.dat server side? I tried this:

to no avail.




I’ve also would know if it’s possible. Have you found any clue ?



I have tried this as well. The first time I got an error and couldn’t connect to server. I corrected the error joined the server, zero errors but it just doesn’t work. No visual effects seen in game. I would like to know if it’s possible and how.


i am trying to do this also! would be great to set up way to force them to see what you see!


Guys, please vote this feature request in order to increase the demand on the feature.


Even if it is, please do not do that. Everyone enjoys different settings for visuals.


I know, but for example, if I have a siren light brightener and I tint my windows quite dark, whoever doesn’t have a siren brightener will barely see the sirens that are inside the police car. So we’d like to control that everyone sees them properly.


Correct, but visualsettings also take part in many ENB’s, which will piss many people off.


Well, if it pisses you off, just don’t play on that server lol
The owner has the right to do it.