I have recently tried installing FiveM and I couldn’t start the singleplayer session, so I restarted my PC, and it was going normally until the PC profile choosing screen, instead of wich I got a black screen.
I performed a hard restart (hold the power button for 5s) and it opened normally, and because of my conserns I checked if my anti virus (AVG) was working normally, and I saw that all of the security was off and when I tried to turn it on, it instantly turned off. Windows defender also was not protecting. I uninstalled FiveM via the control panel and deleted all FiveM files (I had to turn off some process in the menager) and restarted the PC again and everything worked normally.
I’m kinda afraid to install it again… Should I?
I installed it from the first site that I got when I googled FiveM, I haven’t installed or downloaded anything else in that session, I haven’t opened p2p connections besides with my friend about a week ago, and his laptop has very strong protective software, so that is very unlikely to be the cause.

I don’t currently have access to the data you required, but if you need it I can get it tomorrow.

Are you sure your downloading servers and everything are secure? I would really like to use FiveM but I want to make sure it’s safe.


AVG turns off Windows Defender as it does not want it fighting against it.

FiveM does not disable virus scanners although virus scanners do complain about FiveM but there false positives and you got to add it to your exception list.


I know FiveM doesn’t turn off anti-virus protection, that’s why I’m asking if their servers are secure, because something did and deleting everything associated with FiveM fixed it.


i doubt that was the reason it started working it was probably the second restart that did it.

If it was a problem with FiveM im sure it would be a known and common issue.


Yes, FiveM servers are secure. You see on the top left corner of this screen, there is a green lock saying that any information coming to and from FiveM servers are secure. Again what Painwithin said about the anti-virus fighting, it would happen occasionally even if you didn’t have FiveM installed.


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