Virus while connecting?



So i connected to a server and left my game on background while i was on chrome and then i heard in my headphones “Your all informations, files and databases from pc were encrypted. You don’t play with Fivereborn developers” or something like that. Then my cursor was a plane and my desktop background a picture fron NY, Twin Towers (yea funny as hell…). What the hell happened? I turned my pc off fast then i started it again and my windows UI was hidden and there was nothing on desktop. Restarted ir again, and fastly got into Task manager then My pc and UI went ok. I deleted fivereborn and now I’m scanning my pc, but my cursor is still a plane…

It’s a virus or a joke with scripts? Should i worry?

Sorry for mad writing skills, but I’m in hurry to fix this writing from my phone.


Same here, I bet it’s some faggot abusing exploits in 5R’s shit code.

In other words, don’t play 5R for now.


@Rstein How to fix this? Cursor is still fked up and i’m afraid to open other locations in my pc


^Just set your cursor back, personal settings (where you select wallpapers 'n shit) > Change cursors


@AndrewA Also delete your temp folder files too, and run virus scans.


@AndrewA also, stop the VBS script on task manager


hey its me in 2018 and i think it means that server was a virus basicly