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                         Welcome to VirtualRP v1.0


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What is VirtualRP?

VirtualRP is a newer community among the cities of FiveM. Our goal, is to build a strong community that helps people forget about the real world for a few hours at a time with quality, realistic RP. VirtualRP was founded on May 11th 2019, and has been growing strong ever since.

We are still looking for great people, and strong characters to be a part of our civilian presence, or one of our three departments. VirtualRP has the following departments. San Andreas State Police, San Andreas Emergency Department and TEAMTowing Services.

What does VirtualRP have to offer?

While we may be a new community, we have plenty of things to offer, even if our server isn’t quite at full capacity yet. We are hiring full-time members of the following departments;

  • San Andreas State Police
  • San Andreas Emergency Services
  • San Andreas Department of Transportation

Key Features of VirtualRP

You get it, we’re hiring - but what else is there that’s part of the city that you want to know about?

  • Public Server - Join Discord for password, there’s no applications for civilians.
  • Comprehensive training for all departments in the city.
  • Custom police database [No need to register for an MDT/CAD]
  • Active & Mature Staff.
  • Player owned Shops.
  • Home & Shop Robberies
  • Purchasable Properties
  • Realistic Economy & Vehicle damage.
  • Private TeamSpeak for our departments.
  • Strong illegal & legal job markets.
  • Hidden drug locations, and other illegal processes.

Previews & Updates

Our development team works hard at what they do, and while we’ve slowed down the process of our updates from what seemed to be daily, now we’re focusing on things that take longer to implement such as an advanced crafting system, self-storage options etc. You can see all our updates on our Discord, and you can also preview any upcoming updates during one of the founders streams.

Come Join Us

We hope to see you join our Discord once you’ve finished reading this. If you have any questions feel free to private message this account on the FiveM Forums, or you can jump into the support channel within our server Discord and we can get back to you when available.

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Pretty decent community of RPers here! very welcoming and they make it very easy to get started on creating a story for yourself and your character. Overall impressed with my experience so far in the city!

Server Update : 1.01

We’ve just released a server update that includes a multitude of quality of life changes in the server, to allow for better role-play experiences. Some of the update includes added animations, more listed locations in city to utilise, the ability to push your vehicle off the road etc.

We’ve also added the following

  • Tuned the vehicle failure mechanics so they were more realistic.
  • Updated the advertisement functionality for white-listed jobs and others.
  • Rebranded TEAMTowing Services to San Andreas Department of Transportation.
  • & More.

Join The Experience

If you like what you’ve read, why not give us a chance at being the next city you call home? We’ve got so many things for you to do, and we most definitely need a larger civilian population. So what are you waiting for? Become a member of the best community in FiveM.

We look forward to seeing you there.
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VirtualRP Website:

A Server Review

VirtualRP has definitely been one of the best servers I’ve come across since I’ve come back to FiveM. I find their staff to be very willing to help out anyone with questions, regardless of how obvious the answer may seem, and the community as far as the Discord goes, is definitely fun-loving and as rare as it seems, basically drama-free.

The city itself has a lot of things that allow you to do well, whatever you want. They seem to be fully open to anyone being able to roleplay ownership of non-public buildings (so you can’t RP own marked locations) which makes sense, but it allows someone to go RP ownership of a fruit stand, or a empty car lot, or mechanic shop. They also have a plethora of legal jobs, and illegal markets to deal with. I personally can’t find any of the hidden locations, so I try to stick to the legal jobs when off-duty.

Interactions with SASP

So far I've yet to run into an officer that wasn't taking things seriously in city, heck even the ones that were riding around while obviously doing training took things seriously and did them well.

Interactions with SAED

These have been very positive. I've actually never really been part of servers where the paramedics go further in their role-play then just the revive. I got in a car accident, they told me my legs were broken, they took me back to the hospital and put me in casts and more, and it was all just role-play, so without the actual in-game props, that shows tremendous amount of effort!

My Recommendation

I recommend anyone who is interested in finding a server that treats people properly, and has active and awesome staff - give this one a try. It has some down times in player counts, it definitely needs more civilians in the city on a regular basis, but it's honestly done a pretty awesome job so far for being around for just over a month.

The Server (In A Nutshell)

VirtualRP is my home away from home. FiveM in itself is a marvel of modern mischief and mayhem; a characteristic this server has unintentionally uplifted by the wholesome community. Trust me when I say you’ll want to get the chance to meet the wide variety of diverse personalities that inhabit the city. Whether it’s in the city or on discord, the community has more than surpassed expectations in support, casual chaos, (within reason), and all-around good times. I would personally consider both the city and the discord to be drama-free. Any issues are effectively handled by the brilliant minds that run the server.

Interactions with Various Departments


I have never seen such an effort to make the situation interesting and elaborate. The paramedics of the server have saved my character’s butt more times than I can count. Each interaction has always been an extremely positive experience!


The cops. Oh boy, I could go on and on about these guys. I have always had the best roleplay experiences with these goofballs. While they take their job seriously, protecting the citizens of the city, they develop the best personality traits that create extremely stimulating roleplay scenarios.


This branch of the city has given much needed assistance to the citizens of the city. As I’ve stated, (over and over again), the community of people creates an amazing experience for those involved. The crew at SADOT is no exception to this! You guys rock!


I love hanging with these nerds. They are extremely helpful to those who experience the terror that invades the headspace of a noob. That is from personal experience. Every member of this server has been tremendously helpful, albeit a bit sassy. (Which makes it such a good experience!) Yes, sometimes the city is a ghost town, however that is 100% to be expected for a relatively new community. This server is my first FiveM server joined, and honestly, it’ll likely be my last. What are you waiting for? Come meet the gang! <3

A Server Review

In the past few weeks that I have been playing this server, I have had a lot more encounters and scenarios than most servers I have ever played! This community has by far some of the most caring staff members and most interested players to see where this server goes. The server handles fixes very very quickly and are almost pumping out 1-2 updates a week! This server offers you to create the character and the story you’ve always wanted. Being brand new, you can establish who YOU want to be. I myself have been apart of EMS and just now recently, Tow. And I am having a blast, making friends and saving lives or cars! (And I also have a criminal character who sells drugs…) This server offers so many things including custom cars, caring emergency services/staff, an economy, player run shops, illegal jobs, and plenty of legal jobs for the goodie two shoes! This server offers you to Roleplay who you want to be, who you want your character to be, own ANYTHING!

The Discord is definitely one of the most relaxed and awesome chats to just hop into and have a conversation with one of the members. You can ask support anything and they get back within minutes, not even… seconds. They love helping us players getting the experience we want to have, they put us before themselves. And it’s a very interactive place to just hang out, I by far think this is an amazing community hat has sooo much potential.

Interactions with SASP

The SASP has very mature and dedicated people on their force. Even when I myself or other players aren’t as into their character for the traffic stop or any other situation, the PD takes it very serious and everything they recruit they really do make sure is suitable for the position.

Interactions with SAED

The SAED has been responding to every single call when I am on the server. When I come on there is always someone on duty and willing to take me to the hospital for further check-up if I need it. They are very interactive and are very determined to get us back up and walking again even if we are 5 miles out! They come as quickly and as efficiently as they can.

My Recommendation

For my recommendation, I believe that anyone who is willing to give a brand new up and coming server a try and some playing time, and people who are very into roleplaying and building your way up to the top, asking in-game characters for information on illegal things, and calling the police or calling a taxi to come get you. This is definitely the server for you, it has been going up and up and I really do see so many bright things for this community, the staff and members are wonderful!

This server is definitely one to give a try!

Need More Civilians

VirtualRP v1.0 has been live for just over a month and while the server is growing substantially every week, we are definitely in need of more citizens to fill the streets of San Andreas. If you’re interested in one of our white-listed jobs, feel free to apply as well! Come give us an opportunity to be your new home, away from home. You’ll love being a part of the best community in FiveM.

My Review of VirtualRP

I found myself trying to find a server with a couple of my friends to play GTA5 RP. One of my friends was really interested in it, more-so than I. He stumbled across VirtualRP off these forums, and we all jumped in to give it a shot.

Honestly, I’m glad we did. VirtualRP has one of the most entertaining communities I’ve ever come across in an online server. The owners actually care about the people, versus half of the servers I’ve joined where I get constantly talked down to for asking a question. I’m still new to all of this FiveM stuff, and regardless of how many questions I ask, they care enough to help me out.

As others have said before me, new or experienced to role-play, I honestly suggest taking a look at this server and giving it a chance to be your new home.

Thank You For Supporting Us

I appreciate everyone being willing to take time and share stories about their experiences in the server. We are still in need of civilians in the city, and we’re also now looking for a medical director

I hope to see all of you in the city, whether new to role-play or experienced, we welcome everyone! So come on, what are you waiting for?

Join The Experience

If you like what you’ve read, why not give us a chance at being the next city you call home? We’ve got so many things for you to do, and we most definitely need a larger civilian population. So what are you waiting for? Become a member of the best community in FiveM.

We look forward to seeing you there.
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Just going to help a little by bumping this awesome server a little.

You should all give this place a try!

The server’s nice. Great community yet still growing. Staff’s awesome and the owners are two of the funniest people I know. Had no prior experience with PD before trying on this server. Been a blast ever since. Only took the Commish about 1-2 days to hire me.

That’s awesome to hear Harms! I’m hoping to get a chance at it myself really soon. I know they’re pretty open to anybody being able to apply to an emergency job and get an actual chance at it unlike other servers where you just wait forever.

The training program from what I hear is actually pretty darn awesome as well.

For anyone looking for a new home, come give VirtualRP a chance to be that place you want to spend your nights living in!

This server has been so far a very fun enjoyable experience,

10/10 would join this anytime

You guys are amazing! The support in this server is beyond belief and just shows us how much you all care. I mean this sincerely, ANYONE who feels like they might want to try another server out, come give us an opportunity to earn your support.

I promise, you won’t regret it.

This community is so amazing! Every time I go into the city, it’s an awesome and new experience! The owners are two of the funniest people I’ve EVER met. Seriously, I 10000% recommend this server.

Honestly, as the server continues growing all I see is how awesome people treat each other. I couldn’t have picked a better place to be. To those who are in this server already, you’re awesome.

To those who are looking to join a server - stop wasting your time and get in VirtualRP. You won’t regret it.

The community is very friendly, I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a GTA server to RP on :slight_smile:

You guys are amazing! The support in this server is beyond belief and just shows us how much you all care. I mean this sincerely, ANYONE who feels like they might want to try another server out, come give us an opportunity to earn your support.

I promise, you won’t regret it.

Just giving this post a needed bump. :slight_smile:

This server is amazing! Thank you to everyone involved in making it so awesome :heart: