Virgnia Roleplay Community



Hello everyone, I’m Cameron founder & creator of VRC here to tell you about our community

We have many jobs to choice from like:
Civilian (Have A RP Job)
Fire Or EMS
Virginia State Police
Virginia Beach Police Dept.
Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Dept.
Chesapeake Police Department
Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (Game Warden)

We use custom cars and custom peds to make our server realistic along with Cop, Fire, and EMS scripts among others.

We have our own database on our website along with custom ID’s for your RP character.

If you’re interested in our community sign up on our website (
We hope to see you soon.


Wanna know more about us? Check out our recruitment video


Interested in a roleplay community? Think about Virginia Roleplay Community and if you’re interested in us check out our website


Here’s a look at the Virginia State Police EUP skins,
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