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Looking to build a foundation

VigilanceRP is currently a small group of individuals focused on creating a community environment of like-minded people from around the globe that believe in realistic and fun roleplay. We pride ourselves on our Law Enforcement training and our beliefs that Civilians should only roleplay out things that would realistically happen. We are proud to say that our community goal is to be as professional a community as MidwestRP or Mounties Gaming, but to be 100% accessible to all players like TexasDPS or Mayfair County RP.

Our Law Enforcement Experience

We pride ourselves with the ability to run a realistic and professional law enforcement division within our community. Depending on which department you choose to join, you will get a completely different experience. If you choose to join. Yes, our training is long, yes, our training is hard, however we make that clear when you join our server. We test you and make you try, most servers have training that let you breeze by if you have experience. Our training is meant to test those who have experience too. If you don’t wish to join a community that is strict in roleplay then we aren’t for you sadly. If you want someone to test you and make you question your patience and discipline, then we are for you.

Our Law Enforcement Departments
Los Santos Police Department
San Andreas Highway Patrol
Blaine County Sheriff’s Office

Our Civilian Experience

We are dedicated to making our civilian department as accessible as possible, while at the same time giving members the opportunity to be as involved as the members in our application-required departments. To join as a civilian all you have to do is sign up for our CAD/MDT system on, make your character and join our server. That’s it! Now you can rp.

We are looking for members interested in building a community from the ground up

Like we said in the beginning, if you are joining this community and expecting to roleplay in a full server and join a large law enforcement department, then you are sadly mistaken. The people that decide to join our community now will be a key hand in forming the foundation for this community to strive in the future. Our staff have the experience to hold it down, but the question is do you have the drive to push it into the future. If so then i will be referring you to our website and our discord


Our server uses the police interaction script to add an LSPDFR style of roleplay to our normal roleplay. This can be explained in further detail.


Applications are now open


Blaine County Sheriff’s Department is hungry for recruits


The best decision i made: Joining VigilanceRP!
Professional training by people with experience in real life policing and military.
Great quality vehicles, peds and more.
I highly recommend this amazing community to anyone who sees this!


Amazing community be sure to join


Blaine County Sheriff’s Office

Looking for a serious roleplaying server
Looking For Full Whitelisted Community & Server

PIS has been released and is in our server


This community is amazing, I could not ask for more professionalism. The training is tough but gets you to know what you need to know. I would love to see Vigilance grow to be a huge community.



Three entered training and one made it out. Congratulations to Cadet Cameron K. of the ULSA Police academy for completing his training.


Amazing community! Professionalism is on the first place and that is what i like. Communications department has won the place in my heart, and it’s the best department i have been in. Dispatchers are the best! :sunglasses:


Indeed, great community!


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Be sure to join to have an amazing Roleplay experience


Just added custom cars for the civilians to have fun with. Be sure to join


dont worry theres much more than five cars