[Vidéo] [FR] Tutorials to script over FiveM


Hey guys,

First, I know the French langage isn’t allow over here, but, I just wanna share some work I did (and this is just the begining) on how to script over FiveM, the tips, the things you should not do etc…
Also some knowledge on events, new things on FxServer, OOP etc…

If someone wants to remove my post, please lemme discuss with you first.

I hope it’ll help some guys who started like me :slight_smile:

Installation FxServer + SublimeText and FiveM package for SublimeText3 (made by Kanerps ) :

A small base :

Events, EssentialMode, Mysql-Async, the things you should know + installations :

How to create an UI with Html/Css/Js and Lua; with the FiveM CEF (Nui):

NOTE: PLEASE, write in English only. :innocent: