[VFR] Virtual First Responders [Open For All]



Interested in joining a new server with plenty of opportunities and superb role play? We have tons of opportunities for both new & experienced Role Players here at Virtual First Responders. At this moment we are currently accepting applications for The West Virginia State Police, The New York Fire/EMS Department, and our specialized Civilian programs which comes with plenty of benefits and perks including registered civ vehicles & civilian sub-divisions such as tow truck drivers. If you are interested in joining VFR apply on our website, http://vfrrp.com/ , and if you have any questions feel free to hop on our Teamspeak, vfr.teamspeak.network. From all of us here at Virtual First Responders we hope to see you soon.



Duplicate of Amazing RolePlay Server (Police, Fire/EMS, and Civilian Departments!) - VFR