Very very consistent server timeout!


Sorry for not following format but the format doesn’t follow my problem. The server that I am trying to host is getting a consistent server timeout error.


This is the connection speed which isn’t bad but why would everyone be getting timed out?


Moved your topic to Server Discussion, hopefully someone can shed some light on your problem.


I get the same problem mate. Its getting ridiculous!!


Anymore information on this? Log files? Operating system? Artifacts version? Resources?


Not entirely sure on OS, Im on first FX version I’m pretty sure. But, its happening with servers with the mostt up to date FX Version. It must be a. script.


Don’t you see the tons of errors in your server console? Fix it…

Try creating a stock server with only the base resources. If that works, put the resources back one by one until the time out occurs again.


I already fixed those errors. the problem I have is, as soon as we get around 32 people on, the server takes about 10 minutes of it than crashes. “server connection time-out after 15 seconds”


Do you run anything else off of the server? If so, try loading that right after getting a disconnect error. If the request times out for the other thing as well, that may be able to guide us towards finding a solution.


I thought 32 players wasn’t officially supported and they were still working on that system?

There has been the ability to change the cap to 32 players since the CFX Server but it would have a high chance of “instancing”. I haven’t seen an announcement that mentioned 32 players is the new cap after CFX server was deprecated.


Default amount is 30 players. An element said there we’re reasons why the cap is 30. (probably crashes servers if > 30)


Really? Where is this stated???


On the discord.

He did not state what the reprecussions were when going beyond 30 slots.


Oh shit, so we should change it in the server config? from 32 to 30


Put sv_maxclients 30 inside the server.cfg.


There is no errors in the log of the console i’ve checked the log files alot and i’m using basic resources and a few cars but if I run this server somewhere else but where im trying to it will not crash but the OS is windows 10 pro and latest server verison.


Still happening does anyone have any idea?


Im assuming you are running a fair amount of resources for the server, that could be a cause. Would be nice if you could provide some information about your server.


  • Resources
  • Mods
  • Artifacts version
  • OS version/type.

Also do you get any hitch warnings?


Yes I do get hitch warnings


Hmm that could be an issue, are the consistent or do you only get them at server start up?


A decent amount but about 200MS each time