Vehicle statistics?


Sorry if this is wrong place to ask. Couldn’t find anything in search.
Is there any way for me to see statistics on vehicles in the server I RP on? I really don’t want to have to ask for 10 test drives…
I’m assuming there isn’t sense the server mods probably adjust them as they please (?) But maybe there’s a “default” list somewhere that fivem set??? Excuse my lack of knowledge on this subject…


I don’t know what you mean by “statistics”


We’ll with gta online you can see values to speed, acceleration, breaks, handling, etc etc… thought maybe thoes could be viewed somewhere in the mod files.


Well I do think there is a mod that overlays some statistics over the map but this is only for server side and not ScriptHook.


Yeah there is definitely some sort of server side realistic driving mod. Was just curious if it could be downloaded and dug into to see what it has done to each individual vehicle stat or maybe characteristic is a better word >_<
I don’t know enough about running a server to know where to start looking


Just look through the Native Function DB, i found a few natives just by searching “GET_VEHICLE”.

I’d recommend using the one specific to FiveM, even though in my photo i didn’t


The following Wikia page contains information about the statistics you want to see. Unfortunately without the server’s support you can not see what handling they use for the vehicles. The page contains the default values for GTA V (FiveM does not modify these, but server owners might).

Make sure to hit the “Miscellaneous Information” button in the table on the right for all information.