Vehicle Sounds Menu



random resource i made a while ago to change vehicle engine sounds in game can also reset back to normal

uses warmenu which is included

menu.rar (7.0 KB)


Sounds client or server sided?


cool good job is is this client or server sided


Try Sum else bud


yeah i didnt realise till after -_-

and its client side no need for server dont think


What if a x player changes the sound, and y player gets in his car, do they both hear the sound or different?


If it is only a client sided resource I doubt it is shared as it has not been synced to each client.


Its a server side resource.


Yes but that does not matter alot of natives will still need to be run and synced through the server such as a weather and time sync so it can sync it with every individual client. It does not matter if it is a server resource.


I mean it makes sense… but why not go through the process so they all sync up serverside? And tbh you should convert it to NativeUI for a much cleaner look.


I personally don’t think you really need to sync this server sided, I was just explaining. I think I might convert this to NativeUI for personal use. I will definitely be using this for my vehicle development.


exactly what i thought and i was gonna convert it to nativeUI but dont really use it anymore