[Vehicle Release] Candi's Fire Department Vehicle Pack [ELS] [Beta 1.00] for FiveM



I developed all these vehicles for fivem, they are ready IMO for Beta release only on FiveM, ive packaged it as a USA resource but you can rename the files and data meta to whatever you want it to be, contact me in discord if you get incredibly lost, report bugs here, and any problems. Templates are in the download folder.

Packaged as USA Resource

Spawn Names

usa - Ford 2010 Off Road Fire Attack Vehicle w/ Water Cannon (ERROR WITH USA atm doesnt always work)
usa2 - Ford 2008 Fire Support / DOT Truck [textures included for re-texture]
usa3 - Ford Super Duty Brush Truck w/ Water Cannon
usa4 - Dodge Ram Pickup - Pumper/Brush Truck w/ Water Cannon
usa5 - ESU Rescue
usa6 - Command Center
usa7 - Ford 2010 Superduty Off-road Brush Water Pumper w/ Water Cannon
usa8 - Ford 2010 Superduty Off-road Fire Rescue
usa9 - Ford 2010 Off road Fire Brush/Attack Vehicle with water cannon
trailerfire - mininmal lights all red, empty
trailerhazmat - improved lighting template - hazmat or sar with or without equipment



Fire Department Vehicle Pack [ELS]

By Candice Mods

9 Vehicle Pack with my ESU Truck and Command Center added, all towable trucks can tow, all water cannons works, us flags waves, ride on back of one of the trucks

  1. Ford 2010 Off Road Fire Attack Vehicle w/ Water Cannon
  2. Ford 2010 Multipurpose Fire Vehicle w/ Water Cannon
  3. Ford 2010 Offroad Brush Water Pumper w/ Water Cannon
  4. Dodge Ram Pickup - Pumper/Brush Truck w/ Water Cannon
  5. Ford 2008 Brush Truck with w/ Cannon
  6. Ford Super Duty Brush Truck w/ Water Cannon
  7. Fire Rescue/Air Trailer with ELS Lights!!! ** trailerfire **
  8. Ford Superduty Fire Rescue Truck in USA8 slot
  9. HAZMAT/SAR Trailer ** trailerhazmat ***

Change log

  1. updated fix USA7 wheels off center
  2. added template and additional texture to convert USA2 to DOT truck or different fire divisions to choose from.
  3. added Blaine County Skins to Additional Textures folder of download
  4. updated vehicle.meta
  5. added RESCUE/Air Trailer with ELS lights, new Metas and ELS vcf please update your DATA Folder
  6. added Trailer V2 Hazmat/SAR with new skin and equipment
  7. fixed flag on USA8 and released Beta 1.00 Version

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Terms of Use
You are NOT allowed to rip parts from, re-upload, repackage, or redistribute this modification, you may only link to the download.

You are allowed to use this pack on FiveM or Multiplayer platform permitted with the following rules. (a) you must list vehicle credits where appropriate on your website and forums. (b) at any time, and for any reason, your right to use this pack on your FiveM or MP server can and may be revoked by the author. © failure to abide by terms of service will result in revocation of use of this modification.

To many to list, Working Water Cannon, ELS Scene lighting, Full 360 degree Scene Lighting, Spotlights, and Takedowns

Handling ID must be FIRETRUK for the water cannon to work, unfortunately this will make them all drive like a fire truck, until i can get some custom handling. If you don’t want functioning water cannon you can change handling ID to GRESLEY or BALLER for better handling.

Special thanks to Medic4523, Badge Strategic Solutions, and Thero for their assistance


textures and livery’s by candice

2010 Ford F350
2010 Ford F350 by DSF Ripped by DMN,
Converted to GTA IV by Lildunkboi,
3DS Template by IrionicRainbow,
Door And Wheel Bugs fixed by Codex12,
HD interior installed by OfficerWalters,
Seats from TheHurks 16 Charger,
Ford logos mapped by Walters,
Converted to GTA V and edited by Walters.

2008 Ford F-550
Ford F550 Cab By Ubisoft Reflections & Ramon_Cube,
Converted To GTA IV By Lex_91,
Converted To GTA V By DeezNutties123,
Rear Removed By OfficerWalters,
Rear ESU Box Modeled By OfficerWalters,
Ladder Modeled By OfficerWalters,
Door Handles Modeled By OfficerWalters,
Textured By OfficerWalters,
Templated By OfficerWalters.

2010 Chevrolet Silverado
Model is 2010 Chevrolet Silverado from The Crew, converted to GTA V by Dimon
Heavily modified, templated, and optimized by Izick
Underbody by Shadydk311
Miscellaneous textures from Assetto Corsa, dial textures by HDGamerzPC
Miscellaneous edits by Matt
Rims by BxBugs (modified by Carper), tire textures by EVI, and converted to GTAV by Carper

Dodge RAM 3500
Model form Driver: San Francisco, converted and edited by chippy.

  • Templates and dirtmap by Chippy
    Converted to GTAV by candice
    Door Rotations and Mirrors by Thero
    Improved Textures by Candice
    HQ Mirrors, Hand on Steerings, Collisons, Door Rotations, Lights, working Dials
    New UV Mapping By Thero

Whelen Ultra Freedom double module:
Whelen Liberty by EVI, converted to Ultra Freedom by hlsavior
Federal Signal Quadraflare Lights By tomcat8492 Converted to GTAV
Code 3 SD-24 LED / LL273 SERIES surface mount LED By Five0
Bullbar Converted from Sketchup and textured by AlexLCPDFR retextured mapped to existing template by Candice
Led board by Mcginley Customs, retextured, redid emissives by candice
Federal Integrity Lightbar by Roegan TV converted to GTAV

Whelen Liberty: modelled, textured and converted by JamesR
Federal Signal Integrity:

  • Federal Signal Valor Modeled and textured by RoegonTV, edited into Federal Signal Integrity.
  • Mounts modeled by RoegonTV.

MSP Gumball by Otaku

Whelen M9, Surface Mount Linz, Whelen Dominator Two Module, Justice LIghtbar, Buttonblast by JamesR Low Poly Light pack

Federal Signal Quadrafire Lights By tomcat8492 Converted to GTAV
Whelen ION Series Super-LED by HDgamerzPC
Code 3 SD-24 LED / LL273 SERIES surface mount LED By Five0

Traffic Advisor from 3d warehouse converted from sketchup to GTAV by candice

Accessories and Other Components
Little Trees Car-Freshener
Little Trees Car-Freshner:
Modeled By Carbon Creations,
Converted To GTA V By OfficerWalters,
Textures By OfficerWalters

Service Bodies:
Brush Truck, Fire Attack Truck, Service Bodys, traffic advisor, generator, chainsaw and Rambar from 3d warehouse
Converted from sketchup to GTAIV, Door rotations, game ready conversions by candice

Put your comments below, i cant really add more stuff to the vehicles as they are already high poly as it is.

Download FD Pack HERE Version Alpha Release

No Non ELS sorry its terrble and time consuming to do and needs more to be done.

for all red lights contact support in my discord channel


Video Showcase


Nice! Good job
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You have to upload to here I believe and not a third party source. A mod should be able to argee


i have no idea what you said, the file is way too big 130 mb to upload to here, you can download the alternative on gta5mods if you like


Oh ok. i believe that is ok then


Wonderful vehicles, love all the vehicles you make. Now since these can tow trailers, all we need are some trailer that go with these :wink:


if you could add the templates to the post that would be amazing


Are they unlocked?

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the templates are in the download link and no this is not unlocked


ok sorry i must of missed that. Thanks tho!


i added a folder called templates earlier today


Google drive is an acceptable place to upload when too big to upload here. If you are going to play the fivem police, at least know what you are talking about.

Great job as usual @Candice_P


im working on some fire trailers and got stumped will take me more time then i expected.


WIP Rescue Truck


could i have the template files please, i wont be posting them just i would like to have it custom for my server


@Nathan_Gladney Templates are in the download link, in a folder called templates, atm you can only template the front cab, you can however change other color schemes around as well.

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cCRUQ3bmI22ixRkpupve3eULtAMOERJL << Templates


I do know what im doing, I just wasnt aware how large the file was



Vehicle USA does not load, causes a crash when trying to spawn, i am working on a fix for this vehicle. atm i will have to remove the LODs and that should fix the issue, stay tuned for an update to this vehicle.

Vehicle USA8 for some people does not spawn, not sure why it works fine for me,


I suggest adding [ELS] to the title :smiley: Good work.