Vehicle Permission/Credit should be enforced


The amount of people who blatantly use vehicles without permission on FiveM seems to grow every day. It’s insane how many people just take what they want, regardless of the amount of time and effort people put into vehicles. And most of them never credit anyone.

I think that FiveM needs to crack down on this. It’s unfair and disrespectful to all the vehicle authors who put hundreds of hours into selflessly making assets and vehicles for people to use in singleplayer, which are then taken by servers, without any sort of crediting or asking.

Permission should be required if the mod author states “this vehicle may not be used on a FiveM server without permission” or similar.
Credit should always be given, regardless of circumstances. This can include crediting via a Google Sheets spreadsheet, a list of names in the TS3/Discord server for that server, etc.

Either way, more should be done to let vehicle creators know that their time and effort is appreciated.


I don’t agree with this. I think it’s too much effort scrutinizing every topic on licenses, credits etc etc. And often it’s very unclear where it originated from, nonetheless the matter that kinda touch upon the legal grey area which needs investigating.

I’m afraid this will deduct from the quality of the forums even further. Keep in mind that all moderators and admins are basically doing this voluntarily.

The way it should be is that the authors should crack down on these releases. It’s their assets/resources and they were the ones to impose a license, so imho they should be responsible of enforcing it, not us.

The above is my opinion and may not necessarily align with the views of the admins or other moderators.


Sharing content that is not yours is allowed as long as you credit the original author and don’t violate their terms/license.

  • Third-party mod websites . “Converting” content from a third-party website for use in FiveM (i.e. vehicles) is allowed as long as you credit the original author with a link and follow their own terms. However, the release must include original content . That is, creating a FiveM resource with only existing files is prohibited. Only exception is if said author of third-party mod is the FiveM topic creator.

Source: Releases Rules and F.A.Q

As you can see its already not really allowed, provided that it breaks the original authors terms etc. and permission is received.


The difference here is that moderators should pro-actively prevent this. It’s true that this rule is devised at some point, but really should be flagged by users. So moderators don’t have to spit to a million topics.


Yeah, there’s so many there, all you have to do is flag the topics, which makes the mods life’s much easier.


+ providing some evidence and sources would make it even easier.


I’m refering to servers that use vehicles directly, as opposed to releases on the FiveM forums. There seems to be no functionality to report a server for using vehicles from someone without permission, even if you’re the creator.

I’ve encountered several asset creators who are unhappy about servers taking their vehicles directly, and them not being able to do anything about it.


Moved because this is not a feature suggestion.


Ah ok, I get what you mean. But that would even impose a more impossible task for us to manage. And in all fairness, I don’t see the admins actively enforcing this (which are the only ones who can).

Anyways, reports should go to, even though the chances of it being enforced is fairly slim or even zero.


Well that I guess would be with the vehicle authors, keeping in mind they are publicly released on sites like and are intended to be out there. Again if it violates the authors terms, then they could deal with it. If it comes down to FiveM being a ToS violation see the above email from @Syntasu


They post it on the internet free to use for anyone. If you dont want people using it then dont rekease it


If they specify that they do not want FiveM servers using it without permission, then it would be fair to assume that should be, in some way, enforcable.


There’s no plausible way to determine x is truly x and not y. What I’m trying to say is, a model spawn name would seem like a good way to do it but, people can change that to whatever they want. One model named “addedcar1” might not be the same “addedcar1” someone is reporting it to be. The only real way would be by hex which is also by model name so no real way to solve it. The way it currently is (which IMO will probably not change) if THE AUTHOR OF THE CONTENT has a problem with it, they email and it will get delt with. If I’m not mistaken, ONLY the author of the content can create valid reports against content being used. This is just my logic behind this.


I can only imagine how hard it is to try to be super pro-active on this, while I do agree - it can’t be easy.

Wrong. Look at XBR’s models for example, if you’re found using these without permission you risk your server being blacklisted.

While this is true, you may be able to (if you want to be the white knight) reach out to the author and advise them of a possible breach for them to look into. If they decide to take action, they can contact the collective in the method you listed. I’ve done this before with XBR.


I’m confused. Why in the hell would it be released if the author didn’t want it on FiveM servers?


Must not have read my example above of XBR’s models that everyone steals and tries to share…


“tries to share” indicates that it is already stopped on the forums so where is the problem, exactly? Does the OP want every thread to be checked prior to going live?

It’s a virtual vehicle being used on a FiveM server by a bunch of dudes that could really care less whether they were driving something created by XBR or someone that released it on GTA5mods. I could understand if this were a cure for cancer or you were selling them(and we know that’s a HUGE NO-NO) but for something of so little consequence, I’m just having a hard time understanding what in the the big deal is.