Vehicle ModKits not working


I am using this vehicle addon

I cant seem to modify in game so i went over to carcols and carvariations.meta
After changing the mod kit ID it still does not show any modifications for it in game, and i thought it may be the car so i tried changing the modkit ID on another vehicle and it also did not work. Which makes me believe im doing something wrong. I changed a total of 3 numbers for the ID, 2 in the carcols and the other where it calls it in the carvariations.

Screenshot of where i changed it in carvariations.

Screenshot of where i changed it in carcols.

I searched the forums and from what i could make out from various replys that this is the correct way to do it. But its not working, any help is appreciated. Thanks


You can look here;


make sure you set up the carcols ids properly


Well, heres my resource folder. Would you mind taking a look?


looks ok try modkit numer 1001 thru 1010 see if that will work some of those might be assigned already to a GTA car in a DLC making not work


i think 1001 to 1007 are already taken into the addon pack, i added from 1008 to 1024 on mine, works fine. but don’t work after 1024.
So i added more vehicles by using import-export pack!


i will try these recommended numbers when I’m home.


the ID 1009 seemed to work, Is there a better way to get ID that will work or is it just a guessing game?


if 1009 works so use 1010 for next, then 1011 till 1024 (1025 and more seems don’t work)
also if vehicles you install use a carcol from another car (for conversion from replace to addon) use the ID of the original car in carvariation so you can add more addons, also if the car use only performances upgrades and rims, use default_modkit_0


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