[Vehicle Lighting Help]


Howdy, I changed my lights on my mustang to blue, But when I turn them on, They flash red and blue, Do you know how to fix this? If so please msg me!

Video showing what happens: https://youtu.be/5KpmJxKIvNU


pls help me
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Got out YouTube.com and search “How to change vehicle lights in gta 5”


Thanks for the enthusiasm, I’ve changed the lights to all blue, But they flash red & blue, I’m trying to make it so they flash blue


its in the ytd file (20 chars)


Where abouts, I changed all the lights to blue


.ytd file open with openiv, you need a texture to change it.


I’ve changed all lights from red and blue to blue but they flash red and blue like he outshade


do you have a +hi.ytd file as well ?


Yes, Do you have discord?
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you have to change the light textures on +hi.ytd file too, if you didnt change it.


I’ve gone ahead and changed that, But it still flashes red and blue


have you cleaned the server cache and start the sv ?
Sometimes to makes changes you have to clean the cache of the server, before starting it.


Yes I have, Do you have discord It’ll be so much easier