Vehicle doors randomly re-opening after vehicle is exited

Case: When people leave their vehicle the door they exited from randomly opens again. This also happens even if the car is locked. Does also happens if a passenger exits from the front-right seat. And it is always from the door that was exited.

I’m quite thin on info what is actually causing this, but seems it does happen alot, so should be easy to repro.
It started after OneSync+ became a thing an and also some time after that, and around the 24th of august, but cant tell the exact date.

I also asked in #onesync on Discord, and I’m not the only one experiencing this.

Odd - nothing was changed about node submission at all in the past while. Might need some looking at netobjviewer while this happens to see if some state is randomly breaking.

I experienced something similar with SetVehicleExtra and SetVehicleAutoRepairDisabled.
If you use these natives, and another player is close, the doors will open/close randomly, and the vehicle will fix and break randomly too. (Maybe it’s not related to this report)
(And on that case, it’s happen on Non-OneSync and OneSync too)

Let me know if you need a hand @copernicium
It’s getting kinda frustrating in RP - people are arguing about if a door is open or not as they dont see the same :smiley:

There is only 1 reproduction technique which I can find that reproduces this issue 100% of the time.

Note: I had a script running which allows you to sit in the passenger side of a car without sliding across

  1. Player A gets into the drivers seat of the car
  2. Player A exits the vehicle
  3. Player B enters the passenger seat of the same car
  4. Player B exits the vehicle

At this point, the door will appear closed for Player B, but for all other players including Player A the door remains open

We are doing the same thing! :open_mouth:


This also happens in my server and I am running that same script.