Vehicle Dispawn Problem

Have found a problem with vehicle despawning when host player leaves. I notice this happen on my main server so setup a new test server to verify problem, setup and problem below.

Test Server run the latest server version, client up to date, scripts running (baseevents, chat, fivem, hardcap, mapmanager, rconlog, sessionmanager, spawnmanager and simple vehicle spawn script).

Server start no error reported, player 1 joins server becoming the host player, players 2 and 3 join server. All player spawn a vehicle, player 1 leaves server all spawned vehicle get removed, all local AI peds neither player despawn, all AI vehicles despawn.

Test server running on window 10 with all requirements


Hmm, you seem to be the “only” one having this or noone has it reported yet.
Please provide more information like the CitizenFX.log and crash dump files.

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OK Update on the problem re-setup test server by downloading all new copies of files from the FiveM website, config copied from website (this is a barebones server). Start server no error or crashing, players 1,2,3 join server in order and spawn vehicles, player 1 is current arbitrator. Now when player 1 leaves server selects new arbitrator and vehicle stay spawned. At this point we’ll say player 2 is the current arbitrator of the two remaining players, player 2 now leave server fails to select the remaining player as arbitrator and all vehicle despawn including AI ped and AI vehicle. No server crash dump generated I have attached citizenfx log but looks clean no errors. If you don’t believe the problem setup server as per website and run the tests as I have, this problem really messes up an RP server went player counts are low.CitizenFX.log (90.8 KB)

Same here, don’t know what to do

It’s a issue with the rage engine after awhile when the original spawner of vehicle has been away from vehicle for so long the game removes it

What does your simple vehicle spawning script look like?

Any luck I seem to be having this problem as well now.

I have the same problem. if a player disconnect it’s ok. but if a player quit, cars and peds dispawn. I running my server on a linux platform.

The same problem here.