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Valor Gaming Role Play a New GTA V Role Play server is looking for players to come have a fun time with serious RP. Owner/Myself I am 30 Years old Military Veteran so you know your coming to a mature server. Server is Public for the time being, once enough players are interested in joining then we may go to being a white-listed server. Custom Drag Strip , You can buy custom shops to be built anywhere on the map. White-listed Emergency Services ( Let us know in the Discord if your interested) Custom Skinned Police Vehicles (Police , Sheriff and Highway Patrol) Many addons on this server and is controller friendly. Come check it out if nothing else and see how you like it the more people we can get to join the funner it will be. Streaming and Recording is allowed for anybody as long as you mention the server.

Looking for DEV’s , Admins and Emergency Services Leads let us know if your interested and what qualifies you for one of these positions.

Im sure im missing some things , if you have any questions feel free to ask Server Info Below

Thanks for checking us out !!!

ThatGuy a.k.a Josh

Valor Gaming RP



New Dealership / Race Shop Now Open in Sandy Shores

Video of Our Current Law Enforcement Vehicle Fleet for all three Departments. ( All Skins were custom for this community) Ignore the Beginning Slide and Last Slide of the Video I had made this video for a previous community I was starting up.


Custom CAD/MDT Added, More Custom Cars and scripts getting tested and Added every couple days, Still looking for people to head up our Emergency Services Departments. Many positions available or just come be a civ. Join our discord and let us know what you would like to see on the server!


New Website now available

and New Discord Invite

Come Check us out! Still looking to Fill Roles in or Emergency Services Departments and Admins


Bump. Admin/Developer Positions and LEO , FIRE , EMS , & Dispatch Lead Positions still up for Grabs. Need more Civs as well, lets make this server fun. Try it out and lets us know what you would like to change or see added to make it better


ThatGuy a.k.a Josh / Server Owner


Bump Come Join the fun!


Josh. PM me and tell me more about your community. I’m kinda of interested.


are you still active? how many players are on nightly? __/32?