Using ESX, looking for a third to join the team



We’ve implemented everything ESX has to offer and it’s all working, with minor tweaks needed. We’re looking for someone who knows how to create, modify and expand on resources and help add more visual detail to the experience. Someone who can work in a laid back environment and feel comfortable suggesting features to the community, while at the same time helping us bring some practical ideas to life. We have extensive background in RP/Life communities and have a clear idea of what’s necessary to keep the experience consistent for the players, so you’d have to sort of slide in and roll with it.

A chunk of time was wasted using the vRP framework, but we swapped over to ESX and it took us no time at all, to get everything in and working. We have all the typical community resources set up; forum/website, discord, social media. We are nearing our actual opening and want to add some polish and unique changes to what ESX offers.

DM me or hit me up here, if interested.

Since posting this originally, I’ve been contacted by a few people who either seem to just want to pay others, or us, to do the work or want us to basically give them our community and server? I guess? A new group of people want to absorb others or some shit. You have to have a functioning server first before worrying about getting people in to it. We’re focusing on making the server good before going to try and find people to play on it. By this point, with everything implemented and working, we’re not interested in giving some randoms everything because they want to make some type of merger deal, or some shit, it’s dumb…stop asking.



*UPDATED 12/3: We’ve got everything in, and then some. We have some tweaks needed to be done and plan to have it all cleaned up within a week. You can feel free to check out the alpha/beta phase by using the ip below. Expect wipes and restarts blah blah blah.