URPC - Looking For A C# Developer 18+ Server


URPC Is Now Looking For Developers. To Help Make Whats in my Head a Reality. We Currently Have A Base C# Framework. We Need Developers To Update and Add Features. The Base is working. However Some Required Features are Not. And we need your Help

If you are Interested Please Message me on Discord With your Past Work

Contact Me on Discord Or Here.

If you have Any Questions Don’t Hesitate to ask


You Might Want to fix the spelling mistake.


PM Me :slight_smile:

Im a passionated developer, and i can gurantee you a full custom server!


Join The Discord Linked Above Please


I added you.
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We Are Still Heavily Looking For Any And All Devs.


I would help but I hate ESX.


We Don’t Have to use ESX. We Eventually Want to Use a Custom Framework. So I Mean if you got any better ideas throw it my way. :slight_smile:


UPDATE: The Framework Doesn’t Have to Be ESX or VRP


We Are Still Looking For Devs. We Are Not Using ESX.


We Are Still Looking For Devs. We Are Not Using ESX.


Now Looking For
CS Coder


Updated On 15/June/2018


Still Looking For a Developer or 2. Please If you have any Questions Please Ask


Updated Thread…


Still Looking for A C# Developer
And Now Looking for a Developer that can do Interior Maps .ydr and .ybn