Update your natives


there’s a lot of natives without associated functions, and there’s some new natives that can’t even be executed by Citizen.InvokeNative, for example this one here is one of them: VEHICLE::_GET_NUMBER_OF_VEHICLE_DOORS hash: 0x92922A607497B14D

if you try to call it this way: Citizen.InvokeNative(0x92922A607497B14D, vehicle) it returns you the native is unknown when it is clearly in the most up to date Native lists


Then, where does one find these ‘up to date native lists’, including guessed names and parameter documentation? Looking for this hash on Google only results in a forum topic with very sparsely spread information.

We’ve currently been going by NativeDB which hasn’t been updated past 323 level, as no other community resource popped up to document patches.


it’s here … can be a mistake idk, but it would be useful if it actually existed …


Yay! More meaningless categories. Also maybe do a PR or something


@Kng what do you mean ?


iirc the categories on native NativeDB are guesses (like most native names), the one you linked has even more weird categories.
The modding community has made a common database for natives remarkably complicated, with the only one openly inviting edits being purged every now and then. I believe FiveM is the only “open” database (besides NativeDB which it’s based on).


This issue should be resolved in the latest canary version, scheduled for deployment when/if there’s no blocking bugs.