*UPDATE* New PorvariP2.0 YMAP



This is new remade version of my old Porvari Paradise YMAP

All object floatings and mistakes are fixed!!
There is 3 versions of this YMAP: (No Trees, No Barrier and Full Version) so if you got some FPS drops because you have lots of plugins and you want to download this big YMAP you should try other versions :smiley:

(This is tested at my server and it spawns every object)

my pc sucks so image resolutions are pretty bad but i hope you get the idea xD

Donwload: https://github.com/Porvarinen/PorvariP-2.0

Install Tutorial: https://github.com/Porvarinen/PorvariP-2.0/blob/master/README.md






:deciduous_tree: :leaves: