Update error sorry last poset photo didnt work for some reasen


Downloading of http://updater.fivereborn.com/petches/dlc/mpbiker/dlc.rpf failed with CORLcode 0x 16
if no id wy its not working i have an legal gta version i have the disck version i did not use it i downloaded my gta from the rockstarsite mutsh easyer to instal lol.
but do you guys how to fix this?
pruve i have an ligal game my rockstar acound


It is impossible to have that error if your game is LEGITIMATE you should update your GTA 5 GAME
screenshot of your dlcpacks in your game directory


i have the same problem and i updated it and it its still the same


@TSK11 You need a legit game


Update your GTA V… it’s not up to date.


here is the fix for it: https://forum.fivereborn.com/topic/2115/here-is-the-fix-for-7gb-update-errors-stick-this-topic
if your legit user then do this following
Please backup these files from your folder:

After installation replace it with these backuped files