Unmarked FBI Charger Addon (NON ELS)


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make sure that your file is uploaded next time before uploading the gta5mods link!

also you should add screenshots here.


yes the admin for that site need to approval it to make sure no virus


yeah ik i uploaded a map and it needs approval it got approved after 2 or 3 days but i needed to add screen shots for it


Are you seriously trying to pass Captain14’s models off as your own? These are IDENTICAL in every way, right down to the carcols file.


is that what this is???!?! i thought this was a different fbi vehicle.


I just compared the two tahoe models side by side in openIV. Absolutely identical, including all the textures in the .ytd file.


The fake OP didn’t even bother to change the carcols ID’s.


ugh, this is why i dont support the idea of releasing carmods on the forums, locked.