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Check out our website at: https://www.unityrp.net
Sign up on our forum and get whitelisted today!
Discord: https://discord.gg/SfCg5Pn
Server IP: or play.unityrp.net


Welcome to UnityRP!
We’ve been working on this project for a couple months now and have decided to open the doors. We have a “realistic” economy with non over-inflated numbers. We have an 18+ law enforcement requirement. We use TokoVOIP for that sweet sweet sound quality and features. We are a lore friendly server - you’ll be in character in Los Santos/San Andreas. State-wide area of play. We have plenty of secrets to uncover. Come check out our amazing community with great roleplayers!

Emergency Services:
• Law Enforcement – LSPD / BCSO / SASP. 18+ age requirement, or 16+ with admin approval.
• Emergency Medical – (Hiring!) Work out of Pillbox Medical and save lives! Or don’t. Check out our custom EMS status/wound system!

Whitelisted Jobs:
• PDM / Car Dealership – (Hiring!) Want to sell cars and make commission? Become a salesman today!
• Mechanic – Want to fix cars, craft import cars and repair kits? Everyone needs a good mechanic.
• Vanilla Unicorn - Want to dance professionally for cash, be a bouncer or a bartender?
• Lawyer / DoJ – Want to represent clients and interpret the law? Pass the BAR and become a lawyer! (Coming soon)
• Real Estate Agent – Want to sell apartments and housing to other players? (Coming someday)

Regular jobs:
• Pizza Delivery – Deliver pizzas in a time to get a bonus!
• Taxi Driver – Downtown Cab Co is looking for drivers!
• Towing – Drive around and collect abandoned vehicles, make cash!
• Recycling – Collect recyclables and turn them in for cash and unique items
• Recycling Plant – Warehouse work turning junk into useful parts
• Fishing – Catch some fish with a group of people and sell it for cash
• Chinese Food Delivery – Make some money doing deliveries!
• Bus Driver – Drive locals from bus stop to bus top and make some cash!
• Mining – Want to dive into total darkness and see what you can scrape from from nothing? (coming soon)
• Trucking – Fancy the long hauls? Make good money driving across the state!
• Construction – Drive materials around to supply construction projects!
• More to come!

Crime RP
• Street racing! Save custom races that you make yourself.
• Drugs! Find the secret grow houses!
• Mugging - rob locals and get quick cash.
• Chop Shop - chop cars and acquire scrap parts to be used elsewhere!
• Store Robberies - your typical convenient store robbery. Need to risk making a quick buck?
• Home Burglaries - completely custom breaking & entering script.
• Bank Robberies (coming soon)
• More! Figure it out :wink:

And more!
• Brand new custom phone! Come see the best phone in FiveM!
• We now use TokoVOIP! Come experience amazing audio quality and sound features!
• Custom PDM Vehicle shop/job (Finance a car that you can’t afford!)
Free Starting Apartments (storage, outfits, character swap)
• One million emotes! …(not really a million, but alot)
• Interaction menu (carrying people, robbing, more)
• Unique economy and trade goods
• A clean & simple user interface
• New Courthouse!
• New City Hall!
• New player tutorial
• Helpful Community
• Ping commands (waypoints)
• Custom Mechanic Job
• Custom phone
• Emote binding
• Much more!

Read through our rules in #unity-rules on the discord, give yourself the member role which will unlock the member channels in Discord. From here you can find the whitelist application in #unity-whitelisting. This will lead you to our forum where you can register and apply.

Note: We will not tolerate Out of Character conversations in the city, blatant cop baiting, meta-gaming, out of city coordination in voice comms, or rule breaking in general. We are aiming for a Mature RP community. Please let us know if you have questions or suggestions in our discord. Thank you.


Great start! Can definitely see this server going places. There’s a ton of little things that definitely add up and make Unity unique. Would love to see this community grow.


@VirtualJunky is doing a great job staying on top of suggestions and bug reports. Daily updates. Would love to see some new faces!


Great supportive team, good to work with. Very warm feeling when being around.
Just a very chill group of people


Wow this server is amazing, Join up and RP with us!


Still updating, Junky’s working on a huge project that everyone’s going to love.
Stop by and check us out!

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Today’s update:
-Updated server to newest artifact
-Rare loot is removed from house robberies if no police are on
-Correctly froze all objects inside robbery houses
-Buying a tow truck finally gives you keys
-Fixed robbery alert always saying female
-Fixed an injury value being nil
-Added Diamond Casino!
-Added slot machines and a chip system
-Customized the slot machine script and made it unique!

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Today’s update! Come check out the Diamond Casino!
-Casino event, free 5,000 chips to gamble big!
-Added clothing store to Diamond Casino
-Added food/drinks to Diamond Casino
-Added buy/sell chips
-Added garage to the Casino
-Added elevator to the roof top lounge section

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Love the roleplay on this server so life like and so is the economy. love the Staff they firm yet fair with their rules. now im gonna list some of the bad stuff becaus there always are some…
they are still in startup wich means there are some bugs here and ther but they get fixed after a restart when filed in bug-reports. and thats all for the bad stuff but if you whould like to have some sirius roleplay you should defently consider trying it out. I hope to see you all in character - all love from here -Hans


Yo legit dudes this server bro extravagant to play on like dude I can’t even put into words how amazing this community is, the staff team is amazing, the CAD system is mad and the Administration staff have won me over, nowhere else i’d rather play, they have the best casino system i’ve ever seen, some of the BEST and I mean BEST roleplay i’ve ever seen. If oscars were given to FiveM servers then this would have won 5. You guys have taken my heart and I will be here forever.


It’s Friday!
Come say hello and check us out :slight_smile:

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We’ve had a great weekend, a ton of new faces!
Come join the fun! :slight_smile:

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Big Bad List of Good Updates

Big Projects Completed:
-Upgraded(?) to OneSync & updated server to newest artifact
-Fixed way to many bugs to mention from the change to OneSync
-Added spawn selection, this will improve and have more spots later
-Pink Cage got a much needed rewrite and has up to 76 rooms
-Removed instancing completely from everything

-Added Garage-P at the second motel location
-Disabled some firetruck generators that blew up
-Disabled opening phone while Benny’s menu open
-Disabled opening phone while in downed state
-Fixed getting banned from getting in a helicopter
-Fixed a few emotes taking your gun out when canceled
-Fixed an nil error when growing weed
-Added “OOC |” to /ooc messages
-Huge optimization changes to a few core resources
-Fixed vehicle persistence being lost in OneSync update
-Fixed vehicles not moving to the garage on server restart
-Fixed picture in burglary not always coming down?
-Fixed falling through the ground sometimes when breaking in a house
-Fixed and reenabled store robberies
-More anticheat
-Removed Diamond Casino map as it causes major issues.
-Updated images and style of loading screen/character creation/spawn select
-Added moving all of an item using 0 or a number greater then what you have
-Fixed and reenabled ~ to change voice range
-Adjusted voice range due to slightly shorter distance on OneSync
-Adjusted phone call start/end voice ranges to match new defaults
-Default voice range once again normal talking instead of shout
-On join global voice should now get clipped sooner
-PDM coffee machine now sells coffee because priorities
-Eating burgies now has an animation and prop
-You now know how to hold a water bottle properly
-Drinking a water will give you an empty bottle
-Jackson Guitar icon fixed and got animation/prop
-Possible fix for repairing vehicles, if it scuffs store it
-Mechanic Tools can now be used as a repair kit
-You can no longer tow a vehicle if a ped is in it
-Towing pricing was reworked and lowered overall
-Removed Jail/Fines from police menu and added /fine command
-Added suggestion text to /fine [id] [amount] command
-Fixed police alert for house robbery saying carjacking
-Fixed the return to jail when reconnecting with time left
-More strippers spawn at vanilla unicorn because yes
-You can now rob jewelry store (when enough cops are on)
-Server updated to newest artifact
-Map name updated to San Andreas

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I’ve had some of the best rp scenarios ever on this server. Please join because more members will make RP 10x better!


sorry I keep posting but I can’t shut up about this, very enjoyable RP


Stop in and say hello! :slight_smile:

-Fixed random map blips, most often Garage names being default
-Fixed being able to send blank text messages
-Fixed being able to skip or leave character creation fields blank
-Fixed going down when on the phone and locking voice channel
-Fixed standing when in the downed animation state
-Downed timer has been increased to 20 minutes if EMS are on-duty
-Temporary fix for a really rare bug of spawning in old Pink Cage
-Added motel preference to pick which motel you prefer to spawn at
-Moved Garage-P to another parking lot behind Beach Motel
-Added ATM location by the mechshop in the city
-Fixed jail login, should now be instant return to jail on spawn select
-Fixed getting a room at Beach motel on first join or no preference yet
-Fixed pawnshop not paying for items taken sometimes
-Fixed being able to kick/punch vehicles to steal it
-Fixed standing while in the downed state…again
-Fixed /heli for EMS spawning an ambulance on heli pad
-Fixed not having the keys to an EMS vehicle when spawned
-Added Y key for police and EMS to escort the nearest player
-Removed handcuff requirement for escorting players as police
-Removed handcuff animation when uncuffing a player
-Tweaked some general AI behaivor
-Added CalmAI to test out for a bit
-Server updated to newest artifact

We’re also testing out two new OneSync natives that should help with vehicle syncing, less vehicle ghosting and distance culling player vehicles which should increase FPS, unsure on side effects.

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This is an amazing server with a really good community, the staff members are amazing, they actually make scripts instead of downloading them on the forums. There is so much more to come so I recommend you guys join now! :slight_smile:


Awesome server! Been playing on here for a few weeks now after struggling to find a server I liked playing on. The staff team are dedicated and are constantly looking to improve the experience of playing on UnityRP. The developer is dedicated and pushing updates/bug fixes/new features multiple times a week!

If you’re looking for a serious roleplay community then UnityRP is for you, Come join us and help make this one of the best FiveM servers!

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This server has got amazing content, and even better roleplayers. The staff that run UnityRP are very understanding. The server runs outstandingly well.

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We’re growing every day! Come join the fun. :slight_smile: