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Discord: https://discord.gg/SfCg5Pn
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Welcome to UnityRP! We’ve been working on this project for a couple months now and have decided to open the doors. This is a very fresh start, open jobs all around. Fresh economy, fresh everything. 18+ law enforcement requirement. We are a lore friendly server - you’ll be in character in Los Santos/San Andreas. State-wide area of play. We have plenty of secrets to uncover.

Whitelisted Jobs:
• Law Enforcement – (Hiring! Training provided.) Currently we are only using LSPD / SASP. BCSO will open up in time.
• Emergency Medical – (Hiring!) Work out of Pillbox Medical and save lives! Or don’t.
• PDM / Car Dealership – (Hiring!) Want to sell cars and make commission? Become a salesman today!
• Mechanic – Want to fix cars, craft import cars and repair kits? Everyone needs a good mechanic.
• Lawyer – Want to represent clients and interpret the law? Pass the BAR and become a lawyer! (Coming soon)

Regular jobs:
• Pizza Delivery – Deliver pizzas in a time to get a bonus!
• Taxi Driver – Downtown Cab Co is looking for drivers!
• Towing – Drive around and collect abandoned vehicles, make cash!
• Recycling – Collect recyclables and turn them in for cash and unique items
• Recycling Plant – Warehouse work turning junk into useful parts
• Fishing – Catch some fish with a group of people and sell it for cash
• More to come!

Crime RP
• Drugs!
• Mugging
• Chop Shop
• Store Robberies
• Home Burglaries
• More! Figure it out :wink:

And more!
• Custom PDM Vehicle shop/job (Finance a car that you can’t afford!)
Free Starting Apartments (storage, outfits, character swap)
• One million emotes! …(not really a million, more like 186)
• Unique economy and trade goods
• A clean & simple user interface
• Ping commands (waypoints)
• Custom Mechanic Job
• Interaction menu
• Custom phone
• Emote binding
• Much more!

Whitelisting Process Coming Soon!
Read through our rules in #unity-rules on the discord, give yourself the member role which will unlock the member channels in Discord. From here you’ll be able to apply for whitelisted jobs, and for whitelist membership when it goes into effect.

Note: We will not tolerate out of character talk, blatant cop baiting, or rule breaking in general. We are aiming for a Mature RP community. Please let us know if you have questions or suggestions in our discord. Thank you.


Great start! Can definitely see this server going places. There’s a ton of little things that definitely add up and make Unity unique. Would love to see this community grow.

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@VirtualJunky is doing a great job staying on top of suggestions and bug reports. Daily updates. Would love to see some new faces!

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Todays update:
-Server updated to newest artifact
-Fixed crashing around PDM
-Locked all showroom vehicles at PDM
-Disabled lockpicks at PDM
-You can now roll joints
-Cleaned up bank notifications
-Cleaned up more PDM notifications
-Possible fix for phone getting stuck to hand sometimes
-Added back a certain missing cowboy hat (;
-Hotwiring time was doubled
-Tweaked reward rates on chopping cars
-Repair kit should always work now
-Repair kit takes 10 seconds and got an animation
-Mechbox item use effect was removed, use E active instead
-Updated /notepad 3D text and marker to match everything

3 New Jobs
-Mechanic job is in! New whitelist job to repair vehicles
-Recycling side job, collect garbage from cans & get paid
-Recycling plant side job, scrap stuff into useful items

Come check us out! :slight_smile:

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Great supportive team, good to work with. Very warm feeling when being around.
Just a very chill group of people


A couple bug fixes today, quite a bit of fishing optimization.
Still hiring for pretty much everything :slight_smile:

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Todays Update
-Store clerks have been added
-Stores can now be robbed if more then 1 cop is online
-Removed a police alert that wasn’t very useful
-Police business account can now go into the negative
-Few new food items found at stores
-Created map edit for new fishing store
-Fixed bug with prices showing wrong at Bennys
-Fixed Bennys failing when vehicle has level 5 engine option
-Fixed issue with weather and time being desynced
-Fixed bandages not healing but still consuming the item
-Fixed repair kits getting removed even when they arent used
-Repair kits are now 100% consume chance on use
-PDM showroom vehicles are now frozen in place

Come check us out! Join our discord for daily updates!
Looking for friendly new faces :slight_smile:


Wow this server is amazing, Join up and RP with us!


Couple more updates! Come join us :slight_smile:

-Updated server to newest artifact & VPS
-Fixed small issue when selling drugs to locals
-Added pawn shop to sell stolen/illegal goods
-Vehicles are now networked so they are persistent through disconnects
-Vehicles are placed back in the garage if no one is online
-Personal info app now only updates when it needs to instead of on a timer
-Personal info bank balance will now round when necessary
-Bank balance now updates more consistently
-Tow truck mech range was increased
-Impounding range from tow truck was increased
-Police cars spawn with full gas
-Phone calls work again
-Removed some unused ymaps

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Open door! Come see what we have to offer!

Today’s update
-Added the 55 emotes to the /e list that were added a few days ago
-Removed medical supply cabinet from Pillbox
-Medical menu no longer requires items to heal
-Medical business can now go into the negative
-Removed sounds from heli camera settings
-Police handcuffs got an animation
-Reduced the amount of passive stress
-Police fines now charge the bank and will bring balance into the negative -Police search can now confiscate weapons
-Fishing got a slight nerf, this will be brought back up once the loot tables are completed
-Recycling Plant job got a very tiny buff, to make cash/hr more in line with existing jobs
-Interaction menu was disabled while in a vehicle, more info on this system soon


Hey, an update.

Today’s update
-Reworked police searching again to make way for interact menu
-Removed police armory
-Interact menu (F1) is in but still a WIP
-Bandages were removed from shops for now
-Medikits were renamed to Medkit
-Visits to Pillbox are now free
-Medkits are now $150
-Reduced the rates of vehicle parts from chop shop
-If you have the keys to a locked vehicle it will unlock on enter

Stop in to our discord and say hello!

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LSPD - Sergeant Bazer here. I’ve been a part of a lot of communities, but this one is refreshing and new. Even if it doesn’t seem like it’s for you, it never hurts to try. After all, whitelisting is legitimately as simple as reading and accepting the rules in discord!


We’re still alive!

Big change-log from the last few days:
-Updated give/receive item notifications
-Added GSR test for police
-Added default option to walking animations
-Cleaned up and removed objects around Mission Row
-PDM profit margin was lowered to 7% and capped at $9,000
-Added 3 new police grades, 10 vehicles and updated uniforms
-Police salary has been lowered overall, offduty even more
-EMS/Medical salary has been lowered overall
-Weed :wink:
-New smoke shop to buy grinders and baggies
-14 new items, take a guess on what they are
-Health doesn’t regen below 50% anymore
-WIP injury system, please report issues
-Translated submit/cancel text input menus
-Updated input menus to match the style of other menus
-Changed clothing shop markers to match style of others
-Jail time now continues while offline
-Jail got a basic job system to work off time
-Slightly increased passive stress to match my own
-Fixed gates at Mission Row and elsewhere
-Removed secondary jail system
-Vehicle hood now opens when using repair kit
-Fixed addon vehicles names being null
-Fixed /e chair you can now sit in most chairs again
-Fixed /e chair2 for chairs that dont work (num keys to adjust)
-Fixed double markers at prison
-Added cruise control with X
-Disabled handsup in vehicle
-completely overhauled female police uniforms to be on the same level of detail as the new male uniforms
-added SAHP sub station
-added new rank insignia for LEO. (Thanks Starkidd for the help)
-Fixed being able to loot garbage cans while in a vehicle
-Fixed garage/recyclables going over max stack size
-Fixed not being able to turn in recyclables
-Fixed an issue with pink cage storage
-Fixed entering a car if you have the keys
-Fixed stungun triggering shotsfired alert
-Fixed GSR test for police and added notifications
-Fixed animation for searching players as non-police
-Added progress bar for searching players
-Removed some local weapon drops
-Reduced weapon draw time for police

Stop in and say hi! :slight_smile:


Todays update;
-Checking in or respawning at pillbox will now reset status bars
-Testing an adjustment to the injury system, should limp less often
-Escape now cancels the progress bar when checking in at pillbox(edited)
-Increased taser duration and disabled some keys while tased
-Renamed “Ammo” to “Box of Ammo” and updated the icon to match
-Added notifications to Box of Ammo so it’s easier to use
-Fixed crouch and walking animations from the interact menu
-Added windows command to roll up/down vehicle windows

We’re temporarily removing the white-listing process to open the door to the public for a bit.

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Still updating, Junky’s working on a huge project that everyone’s going to love.
Stop by and check us out!

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Come check us out, just got some big updates in. :smiley:

-17 new items added to various places and shops
-Casino has been added, more info on this SoonTM
-Pharmacy has been added to sell new medical supplies
-Items dropped on the ground are now put into a backpack
-More items accepted at the pawn shop

“Police are investigating a string of house robberies”


Today’s Update! Come join us tonight for some fun!

-Fixed pharmacy markers floating in the air
-Fixed splint use text saying Medkit
-Fixed ped spawns in burglary houses
-Fixed loot resetting while inside a house
-Fixed noise detection in burglary
-Increased time it takes to loot burglary objects -Setting inventory amount to 0 or more then what you have drops/gives all
-Clicking off blank inventory amount defaults to 0 for quick drop/give all
-Police holster changes to empty when issued firearm is out

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Today’s update:
-Updated server to newest artifact
-Rare loot is removed from house robberies if no police are on
-Correctly froze all objects inside robbery houses
-Buying a tow truck finally gives you keys
-Fixed robbery alert always saying female
-Fixed an injury value being nil
-Added Diamond Casino!
-Added slot machines and a chip system
-Customized the slot machine script and made it unique!

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Today’s update! Come check out the Diamond Casino!
-Casino event, free 5,000 chips to gamble big!
-Added clothing store to Diamond Casino
-Added food/drinks to Diamond Casino
-Added buy/sell chips
-Added garage to the Casino
-Added elevator to the roof top lounge section

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Love the roleplay on this server so life like and so is the economy. love the Staff they firm yet fair with their rules. now im gonna list some of the bad stuff becaus there always are some…
they are still in startup wich means there are some bugs here and ther but they get fixed after a restart when filed in bug-reports. and thats all for the bad stuff but if you whould like to have some sirius roleplay you should defently consider trying it out. I hope to see you all in character - all love from here -Hans