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About Us?

USRPC is a GTA V FiveM Roleplay Community that started in April 2018. Short and sweet, we’re a law enforcement based roleplaying community focused on the LEO side of things. A lot of us our prior military, leo, and security. We bring that knowledge base into the game and we offer our officers a realistic & immersive training experience.

We’re currently a public server with whitelisting on discord & whitelisted benefits. We Also have Custom Cars, peds, and a Custom CAD.

Community Requirements:

Must own a legal copy of Grand Theft Auto V
Must be able to speak fluent English
Must be willing to learn and have fun.
Must act mature at all times
Must have Discord
Must sign up for CAD when joining the community

What we have to offer:

-Custom LEO Vehicles found only on this server
-Custom LEO Peds found only on this server
-Custom Fire/EMS Vehicles
-Custom CAD/MDT
-Active Members
-Active Admins/Moderators
-Custom Scripts
-Registered Businesses

  • Over 150+ Custom Cars
  • F1 Menu Server Side Only (limited features to prevent fail RP)
  • Custom Handling Files For Vehicles
  • Volunteer ems department with custom skins & cars, volunteer officers receive a tag as well to stand out from the rest of the crowd.
  • Active ticket system to voice concerns or report issues in discord that gets sent to all admins

Law Enforcement Departments:

San Andreas State Police
San Andreas Fire Department
Volunteer LEO Department
Communications Department

United State Roleplaying Community

Public Server IP:
Discord: discord.me/usrpc (use this link in your web browser)
Discord Direct: https://discord.gg/kPBtWtX
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V55JIZsmIC8

Here’s some some sneak peak screen shots to some of the custom cars and peds our server has to offer.

State Troopers

Sheriff’s Department

Fire/Ems Department

Custom Law Enforcement Peds

Custom Civilian Cars & Motorcycles



This server is a great and amazing server. I would 10/10 Recommend playing this server. I have been enjoying every minute of it. This server is for mature people also. Hope you all come check it out!! See you then!!



I personally have been a part of this server since the beginning and before. I fell in love with the atmosphere, the people in it. and the actual gameplay. The people you will meet here will be some of the kindest people you will ever meet on a FiveM server. The admins and owners constantly update features of the server to make it the best that they possibly can for the members of the community. I definitely recommend this server to you, and your friends, and hope you love it as much as we do!



Like everyone else has been saying this server has been nothing but good to me. Ever since i joined it there has been people there to help me with any questions i may have. The role-playing is amazing. There is always active admins on to do their job, and reports get handled almost instantly. Great server would recommend it to anyone on this forum. 10/10 best five m server i have ever played on.



Amazing server great people and admins who are exceptionaly good for a public server has a well moderated discord aswell good community to be a part of



We’re currently hiring for active staff, including moderators & developers! Check out the #applications section in our discord to fill out an application.

or you can click here for



State Police:


You can find all other applications in the discord channel.

Looking forward to reviewing your applications! Thanks!

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Server is great… Its the first server I ever joined when I first installed fivem. Haven’t had a reason to look for any other server to join. The applications to fill out to become an officer, fire department, or even paramedic was really detailed. They have real life officers who play the role as a leo on the server to give you the best experience as to what its like to approach different scenarios when being pulled over, responding to 911 calls, and dealing with real life situations out on the streets… Some paramedics who play the role are paramedics in real life as well… So many things to do for RP situations as a CIV, or any other department… Some of the things to RP can go from Tow truck driving, Bar tending, Security, etc… The list goes on. Overall, Im glad I found this server. And I dont plan on going anywhere else anytime soon.



Admins like to kick without reason. Abusing the little power they were given. This J.tucker kicked me and it said the reason was “NO MIC” even though I had one. No questions were asked, just kicked because they can. Imagine that a server about cops and my first experience was of the admin abusing his power as usual. These types of servers are b.s I joined and within 1min I was killed while setting up my character. Admin just watched and decided to kick me. Plenty of other servers out there, do not give this one the time of day.



This is by far the best public server you can find. It has its good days and it’s bad days but that’s to be expected. Admins/mods are very nice and understanding a majority of the time, if you’ve done something wrong instead of instantly baNning you like A lot of otheR Communites, they talk to you about your wrong doings, they also are good at answering any questions you might have. Overall great server to play on.

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I Really like the USRPC Server I Heard was Amazing From a Friend of mine and also been Watching it would love to Join the USRPC Community

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I’m sorry that it seems you had an unpleasant experience during your time in our server, if you feel that your ban was unwarranted, you are more then welcome to fill out a ban appeal if you have not already done so.

You can locate the form here:




Thanks for your feedback, J. Tucker is no longer a moderator in our community.

However, it seems you were kicked, not banned from the server, which is usually a first warning. Sometimes there is margin for error, and if you feel like your kick was not warranted, you are welcome to submit a ticket in our discord for our administration team to take look into.



10/10 Great server very mature and very realistic law enforement active admins that are there to assist you anytime. all you do is text one of them in game or in discord they respond almost instantly glad to be apart of the server.



USRPC Was my first ever experience to a real Role playing Community.

Coming from a law enforcement background, I was pleased to see the realism that all the staff implements within the sever. D. Novak and others work hard to create an environment which cultivates good role-play, yet still keeps it fun. I personally have been apart of USRPC since June of 2018. I currently head the Highway Patrol Department. My goal is to create a good environment for our Troopers, where they can experience real life Law enforcement tactics, and training within FiveM.

What stands out most about USRPC is the staff. The activity alone from the Staff and Moderator departments is nothing short of impressive. Joining USRPC is a great way to meet new friends, make good laughs, and learn a thing or two about law enforcement from the comfort of your chair.



Hello I can’t join the discord server have searched and tried everything to get into the discord but doesnt working. Can anyone help me? my name is медведь#9176 on discord if it helps

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Hey Novak! I just wanna let you know that i got banned form your server for driving a moderator car. I also got banned from your discord without a warning. I hope you can help me out with this. ive all ready created 2 other discord accounts to talk with your staffs because im banned on the first. please help

I really wanna say that i love usrpc, and you did a great job! One thing thats not so good on usrpc is like some of the staffs are abusing their power… i got banned for driving a car? i should get a kick…



This is where i grew up.



yo is there sheriff aplication on here?