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United Red Cross We are a Community and are looking for dedicated members to help us grow and to fill in roles.

      "APPLY HERE"

Interview Discord : https://discord.gg/MadERft
Community Website : W.I.P

United Red Cross Fivem RP

Hello everyone from the glorious state of San Andreas and welcome to United Red Cross Fivem RP! @everyone

You ever dream of becoming a cop and taking down criminals? Or maybe enjoy the thrill and excitement of the criminal side of things where you can set up your own crime gang, smuggle drugs and weapons?
What if I told you can do both? And can be a public cop without applying!
Well you can!

We have a wide variety of career paths for you to choose from.
Here at URCRP we DO have “AREA OF ROLEPLAY” but this will not stop the roleplaying from being just as fun!

Government Jobs
Law enforcement; EMS, Firefighter & Dispatch

Roleplay Experience:
Your experience of roleplay in this community will be great. We will make sure that you have a great time here roleplaying with us. We are based on real laws and have state certified law enforcement officials. Our purpose on this server is to provide you with friends and a family to play with that will always here for you. We want to share this family experience with everyone and thrive within this community. We make sure to interact with community members while not roleplaying.

Server Development:
This server has lots of personalized scripted and custom scripts that have been made to work for better of the community, along with our custom LEO vehicles. We also have lots of custom addon cars, these are available for anyone to purchase. Also, our Trucking job, has real addon vehicles such as a Volvo, Peterbilt, and many more.

Our Departments:
We have lots of departments to choose from in URCRP
. You can only apply to one department at a time, after you are accepted you will be interviewed and then will be trained.

***What is United Red Cross *** :
United Red Cross is a serious fivem community. Our staff team is trained very well to preform to the best of there ability’s to moderate and help this community grow and to help make sure it is in the best condition. Our server provides alot of different scripts and vehicles . We are always making Changes to the server to make it great for our members.

What Does United Red Cross Give To You :
United Red Cross looks to offer all of our members a roleplay experience that that will be amazing and better than any other. We are a very structured Gorup that try’s to create an immersive and rewarding environment for dedicated people looking to help us become something better and better. We want to show people an enjoyable experience while allowing for a seamless display of realistic Civilian and LEO roleplay to come to everyone.
Also we provide a very Organized and workable Dicord server for leo and civilian operations.
Also a fully working Chain of command and correct corresponding roles and channels

Features of URC
Main Server
Custom CAD/MDT
Trained Staff
Custom LEO Vehicles
Custom Fire Vehicles
Custom Peds
Chain Of Command
Open Departments
Realistic Roleplay

Blaine County Sheriffs Office
San Andreas State Police
Los Santos Police Department
SADPS Communications
Los Santos Fire Department (EMS and Fire) W.I.P
Civilian Operations


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Looking for Roleplay Server [SeriousRP, Legal Jobs, Realism, LEO / EMS / Fire]
  • New Ped’s for police

  • New Law Enforment Vehicles

  • New scripts

  • New Loading Screen

First 15 people to join is allowed into there desired department with no exception other than age limit.


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We are no longer ESX.